The Most Common Business Software Problems You May Face

Written by Chloe Harwood

What modern business can get by without using several pieces of software? Of course, when you have several people relying on the same software, any problems become quite critical.

Here are the most common business software problems and how to deal with them.

Incomplete documentation

Remember back in the day where you used to buy boxed software? Buying anything – software, games, anything like that – in a digital version seemed strange. If we wanted new software, we’d go to a store and buy a “hard copy”. One of the best things about all of that is that the box would include complete documentation. You’d get a nice, thick booklet that explained everything you needed to know. Heck, it usually came in several languages! But now we do it all digitally. When this happens, we don’t always get the documentation we need. Check the software vendor’s website; they may have a downloadable, PDF-format documentation!

Not enough training

A lot of business owners seem to assume that everyone must know how to use any software you throw at them. Sure, maybe it’s true that most people can use basic Office programs like Word and Excel. But even then you shouldn’t just make that assumption! If you’re implementing new software in your business, then you need to give people a chance to learn the ropes. Consider getting some training hours set up so that your employees can use the software to its fullest potential. And make sure the training happens within regular work hours – you have to pay them for that time, anyway!

Too expensive

Sometimes, the money you’re pouring into software simply doesn’t see a good return on investment. This is very important when you consider how expensive some of the software out there can be! Some of the things can hundreds of pounds a year just for a single user – you’re having to fund an entire office! What you need to remember is that there are usually free alternatives to popular business software. You shouldn’t sacrifice too much quality, of course. But things like OpenOffice, for example, unquestionably defeats the need to pay for a Microsoft Office suite.

Software vendor shuts down

This is one that most business owners don’t think about. And, to be fair, it’s because it’s a pretty rare occurrence. But it can be devastating if it takes place. Basically, imagine your business relies strongly on a specific piece of software. If something were to happen that would see that software fail or the vendor shut down? Then it might land your business in serious trouble. But you can actually look into software arbitration that can allow you access to the software even if something like that happens. It’s a good failsafe.

Performance problems

We’ll end with what might be the most common issue. Of course, you need to make sure the problem is with the software itself. Make sure your office Internet and the computer itself are otherwise running okay. If the problem is definitely with the software, make sure you have the contact details of the software vendor to hand. This is why you should consider having some freeware backup; it helps you keep working regardless!

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