Five Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting Leads

Written by Chloe Harwood


If you own a business, your website is crucial to that business’ success. In fact, I would go as far as saying that your business would not succeed without one. Even if you have a website, it doesn’t necessarily correlate with instant success. As I alluded to before, every business has a website in 2015, so you need to set yourself out from the crowd. If you don’t, you won’t convert the leads and the traffic you manage to cultivate. Here are some more reasons why your website isn’t doing the job you require.

  1.    Users Don’t Get The Chance To Convert

It isn’t always the fault of the user. From time to time, it is your fault because you don’t give them enough chances to convert. Some websites only have one or two methods of conversion at best, so consumers simply don’t know where to go to make it happen. Give viewers of your site as many opportunities as possible to convert without going overboard. Add them to headers and footers or create a popup after someone has been browsing for longer than thirty seconds.

  1.    You Have Annoyed Them

Customers are easily annoyed if you don’t give them what they want or make it hard to find. You’ve been to those sites that are impossible to navigate. What is the result? You give up and walk away in a huff. There is a multitude of different reasons as to why your website might be annoying, and you need to figure it out quickly. Consider your bounce rate as that is a good sign you are annoying your traffic and conduct surveys. Alternatively, you could consider IT consulting and professional advice. Overall, you want to analyse how and why your traffic is reacting to your site.

  1.    Users Are Distracted

Sometimes, the too big is too much. Far too many websites bombard their viewers with a multitude of information because they want to cover every angle. That is a nice thought but is mistaken. What you need to cover is the important information that makes the difference. That is the information they want and what will transform your website. The other stuff is just too distracting and takes the focus off what they came to do and what you want from your visitors.

  1.    Insufficient Value

You have to be worth converting for. Otherwise, no one will take any notice. For example, from an e-commerce standpoint, you have to offer them a product worth buying. People won’t part with their hard earned cash for the sake of spending money. Also, they won’t part with the information you need without getting something from the deal. Nothing in life comes for free, and you need to make sure it is worth their while.

  1.    Wrong Targets

Targeting the wrong audience is a mistake almost every business makes. Some don’t understand what they are offering and who want to purchase. It is important that you do because you won’t make any transactions otherwise. Take a long look and decide whether the audience you cater for is the audience you should cater for.

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