A Hire Purpose: What Your Employees Need From You

Written by Chloe Harwood

When we hire someone, we expect certain things from that person. Likewise, your employees expect things of you. Sometimes we don’t think about this, because we’ve got a business to run, things to do, and people to see. But, it’s the employee/employer relationship that you need to get right before you get anything else done. And, your employees need things from you, not just in a personal sense, but also a professional sense. What are these?

They Want You To Value Them

If you don’t do this, then why are they working for you? The chances are that they won’t be for very long. So, what can you do to make them feel but they are a solid part of the company? It’s all about trust. So you can do this by delegating more duties, communicating the fact that you trust in them, or you can give them certain working allowances that they need. This could be the need to work at home on occasion, or it could be about cutting them a little slack from time to time. Targets and deadlines are all well and good, but if it is tantamount to slave driving, and you don’t value their hard work and input, then it’s worthless.

You Should Keep Them Safe

Security, in all of its forms, is a vital component. If your staff don’t feel safe and secure in their working environment, then it’s not going to translate into productivity and workplace happiness. The workplace culture demands a certain amount of positivity, and you can do this by implementing a few simple things. With regards to their pay, this needs to be protected, but also their day-to-day activities need to be secure. If they are unable to do a task because there’s a problem with the computer, for example, this means a loss or productivity, but also it could negatively impact your business overall. This won’t just cause you to worry, but your employees will have concerns too. So, instead take the burden off yourself, and start to outsource certain aspects to service providers, Unicom is an IT company that, like the many service providers out there, work to keep the IT aspect of your business intact. This is imperative if you want to save money. Having an in-house team can cost a lot of money, and so if you are at that point in your business wear your finances do feel somewhat precarious, outsourcing will be one of the best solutions for you.

Invest In Their Growth

Everybody wants the opportunity for progression. You, as their leader, should recognize their potential for growth, and start to support them as they begin to contemplate certain goals within their career and within your company. Their growth is vital to the outcome of your business, because if they want to learn and develop, you can benefit from this by increasing their skill set, which can mean that, to an extent, you will be able to cut down on certain resources and save money.

Your employees are the future of your company. So, treat them as important as every other aspect of your business. Your employees needs specific things from you, so don’t hold back on these.

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