Struggling With Finances – Here Are Some Extra Ways to Earn Some Cash

Written by Chloe Harwood

Struggling With Finances? Here Are Some Ways to Earn That Extra Cash

You might be going through a tough time at the moment, and struggling to find the money to make ends meet. If this sounds familiar, you may want to pick up an odd job or find another way to earn some extra money. If you’re a bit stumped for ideas, read on! You could find yourself interested in one or two of these tips.


Going on a holiday can be difficult logistically for some households, especially if they have pets or plants that need to be looked after. If you know a couple of people who have planned holidays, consider asking them if they need someone to house-sit for them while they are away. It will give them some peace of mind and you some extra cash in your pocket.


If you enjoy cleaning, you will be able to earn a decent amount of money doing just that for some people who try to avoid it at all costs. Start off doing smaller jobs, and if you still feel pretty comfortable, you might want to move onto developing something on the side. If this sounds like something you are interested in, cleaning company franchises such as AMC Commercial Cleaning are always looking for new franchisees, so go and see what they are all about.

Sell Unwanted Items

You probably have a whole pile of items sitting at home that you don’t use, or use very sparingly. That pile could potentially earn you a lot of money! eBay and Craigslist are great places to go if you are thinking of selling off some of unwanted belongings. Alternatively, you could let a whole heap of them go in a good old-fashioned garage sale – just remember to advertise it around the neighbourhood!

Get Creative

If you have a creative streak, consider using your talents to your advantage. Sell your arts and crafts online or to friends and family or start providing freelancing writing to interested parties, and you might even find yourself making a little business out of it!

Rent Out a Room

There are always students and part-time workers looking for rooms to rent, and if you have a spare room that you’re not using, they will be more than willing to snap it up. It is a handy way to generate some extra money on a regular basis – just remember to factor in electricity, water and Internet costs, and draw up a contract in writing so you are covered under any situation.

Money can sometimes be hard to come by, but it doesn’t have to be, if you find a couple of extra ways to apply yourself. Find something you love to do – whether it be cooking, shopping or anything else – and turn it into a money maker!

Do you currently earn some money on the side? What do you do? Have you been in a situation where you have been strapped for money? How did you get yourself out of it? Leave your experiences in the section down below.

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