10 Great Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Written by Chloe Harwood

Thinking of gift ideas for you Dad can be a tricky game, without reverting back to the usual options. However, there are loads of fantastic options for gifts out there if you look hard enough. Below are some alternative options to give you some food for thought…

  1. Vacation locations

Dads work pretty hard and never get to take time off. Find out where he always dreamed of going as a young man and never got the chance to. Book him on a flight either with his best friend or with the love of his life. Then look into hotel choices that could work with his hobbies. For instance, if he loves scuba diving, find a resort and a destination close to water and that has that option for visitors. If he likes lounging and tanning, there are numerous beach side destinations to choose from.

  1. Home-get-away

Every man needs some time to himself; some space they can call their own. You can surprise your dad by making him his own man cave. You can build a sizeable shed and make it all manly. Paint it his favorite colour, equip it with things he loves like games, a pool table, a huge screen for watching his favorite sport and a lounge pad so he can relax.

  1. Personalized sports accessories

Sports are a man’s bonding element. You can find shops that can personalize his favorite teams’ jersey or order it online. Caps and baseballs that are signed by his sports hero could also work great.

  1. Gadgets

Men are still boys inside when it comes to gadgets. Find out which gadget is singing his tune and surprise him with it. You can go all the way putting in personalized settings that make it more special like a family photo, a favorite tune and so on.

  1. Electronics

Be it the new model TV or a chill-out chair, all men love the touch of a great electronic achievement. Do your homework; find out what his new fetish is and get him that. Imagine the look on his face when you get him that specific size flat screen TV he’s been itching for. If your numbers came up recently then you could even splash out on something more indulgent…

  1. Gourmet meal

The way to a man’s heart is, still, through his stomach it is said. No man can turn down a great meal; or at least, great effort put into a meal. There is this one meal he loves, or a beautiful kind of cuisine you saw him notice once, find it, make it for him. If you can’t, find someone or a service that can and order it for him on his big day.

  1. A day out

A nicely planned hiking trip or camping would be a great gift for your dad if he’s into such. This will give you a nice time to catch up, bond and relive old memories.

  1. Hand crafted gifts

This is mainly for the artsy Dad; as chances are the art has rubbed off on you. Nothing says special as something you have made yourself. This could range from a painting, accessory or even fixing his music system or favorite gadget.

  1. Accessories

Find a great watch, tie clip or even cigarette case and get it personalized or personalize it yourself. You can write something special for him or enter something memorable like a photo or a date that means something special to him. There are lots of great accessories out there that Dad will love.

  1. Make-over

You can do an easy make-over; nothing over the top. Buy a few outfits that make him look good then get him a good hair cut and a massage session. Be careful not to overdo it lest he is left regretting it.

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