3 Exotic Locations for an Island Escape

Written by Chloe Harwood


Greece has a charm to it that makes you easily forget your real life and delve into its historical sites, luxurious hotels and its hypnotic islands. There are many islands that can provide you with the beach and sun escape you would be looking out for. Check out such islands as Crete known for its beautiful scenery and clear sky. It has been said to float on “a sea of melted turquoise” due to the scenery around sunset. There is a variety of other islands in Greece such as Messoghi and private beaches like in the Archavaria Island as well as the Agios Stefanos Island and Skiathos.

If you want to mark your get away with total rest and the services offered by luxurious Greek hotels, then there is also a wide variety for you to choose from. There are beach hotels that will enable you to get both rest and sun all in one. Sample such hotels as Andronis Luxury Suites in Santorini and such options as Petinos Beach Hotel in Crete. The beauty of these hotels is that they grant you the pleasure of trying out some of Greek’s best cuisine. This will definitely make your Greek escape all the more memorable.

The Maldives

Located close to two great waters; the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, this island nation is definitely a great place to get your mind off your off your mundane daily schedule. You get to enjoy beautiful beaches and a setting so near to the ocean it feels like you are floating. Try out Veligandu Island Beach for sun, sand and relaxation. For the history lovers, you can visit places rich with history like the 17th Century Grand Friday Mosque, Male’s National Museum as well as, though from a distance, the President’s Palace.

A place this beautiful has to have great hotels and resorts to enable you drink it all in. Such resorts as Komandoo Maldive Island Resort and Maldive Victory are a good place to start.


Indonesia is made up of many beautiful islands. However, when most hear of Indonesia, they think Bali. True, this is somewhere you’d want to check out but there is a lot more to Indonesia than Bali. Talk of the beautiful island of Lombok for example with its big beaches and volcanoes and the landscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for your memoir photos. Try visit the Komodo Island and you just might get a glimpse of the komodo lizard the island is named after. This island also makes a good destination for expert divers looking to trod new waters. Other great island destinations include Karimunjawa Island with its virgin beaches and hill treks, Derewan Islands set far enough to provide the perfect get away with its palm trees and white sand beaches, the Wakatobi Islands among many others.

The hotel destinations here are also top crop. Talk of resorts like Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort located on Mecan Island. Bali has such resorts as Shorea Beach Resort as well as Oberia Bali Hotel, and of course the Four Seasons. This place is perfect for a luxury break, whichever island you choose.

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