The 3 Main Dangers Of The Digital Word For Businesses

Written by Chloe Harwood

Our era of the digital revolution has changed the business world dramatically. With almost everything available at the click of a mouse, transactions can run faster across different continents. Information too can be transmitted and shared at increasing pace throughout the world. What a client likes, where a customer lives, when was the last time someone made a purchase, sensitive data are collected and kept preciously to help manage and grow businesses. But at the same time as the digital technology is evolving and improving the way businesses work, the risks of using digital technologies increase too. With their customers primarily looking for digital interactions to bring things up to speed, businesses can’t turn away from the digital sphere. But they need to step cautiously!

Someone stole your data

One of the most dreaded digital crisis is getting hacked. Thankfully, there’s something important about hackers. They rarely take an interest in small and medium-sized companies. They are after the big players, as those are the only companies that own a vast amount of reusable data. Not that this is supposed to reassure business owners, but let’s face it: Small businesses will not be a common target for hackers. When your data banks are hacked, it means that someone has got access to private business and clients data. As a result, it’s essential that you inform your clients as soon as possible so that they can take preventive measures to protect their bank accounts, passwords, and other personal information. Hackers need to be reported to the police, as it is a criminal activity. There’s no guarantee of catching them, but the more you share with the authorities, the better chances they have to find your hacker.

Someone is stealing your ideas

As a business owner, you rely on your unique products and expertise to support business growth. But things might not go as planned if you come across counterfeited versions of your products and services. If you’ve seen fake branded items sold at a street market, you can imagine the damages fake brands and stolen ideas do in the digital world. That’s exactly why there are digital contingency experts to help you out. Ten Intelligence specializes in tracking down digital counterfeiting operations and trademark infringement cases. You don’t want another company to get the benefits of your business development and innovation. That’s exactly why it’s essential to keep track of potential digital infringers.

Someone is cyber-bullying your business

When you think of cyber bullies, it’s likely that you only picture teenagers and their use of social media. But bullies can also have a go at your business and damaging your reputation significantly. Institutions such as Starbucks, JPMorgan Chase, and even DC comics have discovered that individuals can launch a backlash campaigns on social media against their brands with very little efforts. The consumer has a voice on social media. As a result, companies can be treated as hero or villain. This happens all the time on social media. You can even create your own fake tweets using the tweeterino app. So users can easily cyber-bully brands they dislike and hurt their reputation.

For businesses, the digital world is about increasing growth. The main dangers of going digital focus on harmful actions that can put their growth as risk, from hackers to cyber-bullies. Is there a way of avoiding digital dangers? Not for now. As companies get smarter, so do disturbers. The proportion of disturbers is outnumbered by digital customers, partners and positive advocates.

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