The 3 Physical Workplaces Changes You Need To Make

Written by Chloe Harwood

Whether you are running a small team or a large process, there are always going to be changes that need to be made over the years. Some come naturally with expansion, while others will need to be done as soon as possible – or, as is the case in most situations, as soon as something goes wrong.  It’s always good to stay one step ahead in business, so what are the changes that you need to be thinking about making in your office before anybody else realises?

The Lighting

Light has a lot to do with how we operate in our workings. Those who works in a place with unnatural light are less likely to be productive and happy in what they do. Unnatural lighting can also cause a strain on the eyes and lead to migraines and headaches, especially if it’s coming straight out of a computer screen or an obnoxious fitting hanging overhead. With that said, there are benefits to LED lighting, which can often give a more natural appearance and be more energy-efficient for the finance-minded boss – it also helps to bring the lighting up to a level where the glare from laptops and other devices won’t affect their health as much. If you have big windows, keep the light coming through – don’t shut it out at all hours or only wait for the summer. You’ll start to see a change in the moods of your staff almost immediately.

The Air Quality

The comfort of your employees is something that should be at the forefront of your mind. Not only does this lead to increased productivity if they are working within a setting that benefits their physical and mental health, but you will start to see a more positive vibe going among the workforce. It’s hard to measure the quality of the air that everybody is breathing, but introducing implements such as air conditioning and air purifiers will definitely help, especially if you are in an enclosed space. You will be able to manage the temperature more effectively, helping both them and you to feel more relaxed within the office.

The Ergonomics

Take a look at where everybody is working. Think about whether you would like to be sat at their desk, in their chair, every day. There are certain chairs that you can buy which help the posture of those that are sitting in them as well as providing a sound place to sit, and it’s these that you really need to look into purchasing. There should be health and safety checks done to ensure that everybody is positioned correctly at their desks, as sitting in a bad position for hours on end can really affect joints – namely in the neck and the back. Listen to what your employees are saying, and if they have a good suggestion about what they would like to be sitting on, then listen to them; they know more than you do about how they want to feel throughout their working day.

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