3 Surprising Ways Technology Is Good For Our Health

Written by Chloe Harwood

One of the main things that you see in the headlines throughout all the magazines and blogs out there, is how we can preserve ourselves for as long as possible. We do this through health eating, working out regularly and practising self-care often enough to keep our stress levels low. We live in a world that is advancing at a rapid rate in life improvement, with researchers constantly looking for ways that we can live longer and better.

In the past few decades, we’ve seen some amazing new inventions and innovations that help us to improve our health. These are anything from skin creams that have anti-wrinkle properties to plump out our skin, to gene editing that pinpoint genetic disorders and correct them from the inside. The advances in technology that we are privy to are slowly becoming the norm while still growing. A lot of articles talk about how bad technology can be for our health – you just have to read about blue light therapy to know that. However, technology can surprisingly be wonderful for our health, too, and we’ve got three of the most surprising ways that it is making a difference in our lives.

  1. 3D Printing. Not many people have actually heard of 3D printing, nor what it could do for our lives. Prosthetic technology is being improved on a daily basis thanks to the developments within 3D printing. Designing and printing prosthetics is becoming a medical norm now, and not only that, but our actual organs can now be printed. This helps doctors, researches and surgeons to better understand the makeup of the human body and personalise surgeries and resections to the individual. It may sound like something from a comic book about the future, but this IS the future. Aren’t we lucky?
  2. Smartphones. Blue light technology may interrupt our sleep, but the sheer level of app development in the technological world has helped people on so many levels. Fitness has come into the spotlight for a lot of those who haven’t considered how to keep track of their health before. Calorie counting apps, exercise apps and even cooking apps that can teach you how to make healthy dishes are more popular than ever. Without smartphones, we wouldn’t have these apps – which are now a staple part of life.
  3. The Web. It used to be the encyclopaedia, but the internet is now the go-to item for the answers to our questions. Google Dot and Alexa are little dots that sit around the house now, and questions can be fired at these and they will answer them for you – this is something out of this world! We can communicate with doctors, friends and family at the click of a button now, and it’s all thanks to the internet.

Technology is evolving and changing every single day, and with medical advancements being helped along with the power of tech, people are living better and longer. We’re living in the generation of innovation and we should be thankful for it!

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