3 Things You Must Do With Your New iPhone

Written by Chloe Harwood

Apple brings out new phones every year, and their latest installment is the best yet. The new iPhone 6s came out last year and had been selling out everywhere. If you were lucky enough to pick one up, you’re probably eager to have a play around with it. So, I’ve come up with three things you must do with your new iPhone:

Download Useful Apps

When everyone gets a new phone, they immediately jump onto the App Store and look for things to download. The problem with doing this is that you can clog up your internal storage in a couple of days if you’re not careful. Especially if you’re restricted to buying the 16gb iPhone. Instead of downloading anything, make sure you get your paws on some apps you’ll use every day. Things like the CallerSmart app that will help you find out who keeps cold calling you. Or an email app from your email provider, helping you check your mail every day. I find that music apps like Deezer or Spotify are well worth downloading too. If you like to listen to music every day, one of these is essential. And, it means you don’t have to download music to your phone, freeing up that precious storage space. Of course, everyone is different, you might have some apps that are important to your personal schedule. Just remember to download the essential ones first!

Talk To Siri

One of the many amazing things about iPhones is that they come with a handy helper called Siri. When Siri was first introduced, tech experts went crazy as it was our first look at intelligent AI in phones. Your buddy Siri can help you out with almost anything you want. If you’re thinking about going for a run later, simply ask Siri what the weather will be like in a few hours. It’ll come back to you with details of the weather later on, so you know whether to bring a coat with you on your run. You can also ask it to find restaurants in your area and add things to the iPhone calendar. Siri is a fun feature, but a useful one as well. Perfect for people using their phone as a daily device, or for those using it for business use.

Facetime Someone

Another great feature that’s exclusive to Apple products is Facetime. What is it? Well, it’s a bit like Skype but easy to set up and can only be used between Apple devices. Basically, it’s a free way of video calling people. If your mates have iPhones, get on Facetime right away for a little chat. This feature is great for anyone in a long distance relationship that wants to have a more personal chat rather than speaking on the phone. And, business users can use it to have one-on-one talks with employees or clients. It’s fun and functional, which pretty much sums up the new iPhone 6s too!

So, the moment you take your iPhone out of its box, make sure you do these three things. They’re guaranteed to get your iPhone experience started in the best way possible!

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