3 Unique Holiday Ideas For 2016

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you have started wondering where to go on holiday this year, then you are by no means alone. Many of us find ourselves coming out of the winter months with a bit of a desire for sun creeping in! However, you might be starting to feel that you are running out of ideas for your holiday months. We all go through periods where it feels like we have exhausted the possibilities. But that’s nonsense – there is always so much to do abroad! The trouble is that a lot of us suffer from too narrow a scope when it comes to choosing our destinations. If you are currently wondering what sort of places to travel to next, and what sort of things to do, then you might be in luck. Let’s have a look at some pretty unique holiday ideas for the coming year.

Discover the Mayans

If you have any interest whatsoever in uncovering a foreign culture’s fascinating history, then look no further. Travel to South America this year and prepare to feel like Indiana Jones. Go to Guatemala to see the calming and luxurious lakes of Lago de Atitlan. Then go glamping amidst the unique Mayan ruins of this beautiful country. Alternatively, take a walking guided tour of Antigua, and you will soon feel as though you have genuinely stepped back in time. Onto Comalapa, then, where you will see more Mayan ruins than you could ever imagine. This is one holiday which you will be telling everyone about for years to come.

Help the Great Apes

If you are more keen on doing something a little beneficial to the planet, then you might like to volunteer with orangutans this year. Visit Borneo for a chance to help these beautiful endangered species keep from extinction. There are, unfortunately, thought to be only around six thousand orangutans left in the world. So you would do well to help them out as soon as possible! There are many different sanctioned locations across Borneo where you can do this, so you will get to see plenty of the country too. And what a treat that will be for you – Borneo is a famously stunning part of the world with gorgeous landscapes and views.

Hike With Huskies

Finland is home to a huge number of wild, native huskies – but they look a bit different to the Huskies you may know. Nonetheless, these beautiful and gentle creatures are sure to make happy companions on any travels. And if you are a dog fan, then you just might be in luck. Finland offers a ‘hiking with huskies’ experience which is sure to amaze any dog lover. For groups of up to ten people, and for six days and nights, this is an experience with a difference. Every trekker gets their own husky by their side as they traverse the wild, varied terrain of this stunning part of the world. Those who have tried this say that it is also a fantastic way to stay in shape!

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