4 Ideas For An Adventurous Summer Vacation

Written by Chloe Harwood

With summer nearly here – finally, now is the perfect time to start planning your next vacation. Most of us spend our vacations sunning ourselves on some exotic beach, yet a beach break isn’t the only vacation option.

Year after year, far too many of us plan beach break after beach break. And okay, spending two weeks laying on a beach is relaxing, but it can also get incredibly boring. If you are sick and tired of spending each summer vacation doing exactly the same thing, why not mix it up this year with a unique summer trip?

If the idea of taking a trip with a difference appeals to you, keep reading below, for four unique summer vacation ideas:

1. Go deep sea diving

If you are a strong swimmer and love marine life, then a deep sea, or scuba diving vacation might be perfect for you. It’s fun and adventurous, and best of all, is a little different from your average beach holiday.

There are so many places you can go deep sea diving, from The Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the Mediterranean sea in Menorca. So whatever your price range, there will be somewhere, perfect for you.

2. Go whale watching

If you are a wildlife lover, then you will, no doubt have a soft spot for whales. Perhaps you’ve been on a whale watching trip and loved it, or maybe you’ve always wanted to see a whale in real life. Whatever the reason for your love of whales, a whale watching vacation might be perfect for you.

There over 100 countries around the world that offer whale watching wildlife experiences, so where you choose to go is up to you. From Ireland to Canada, there are hundreds of whale watching locations around the world. Did you know that is some places, you can even kayak with whales?

3. Go on a safari

If you are an animal lover, then you most probably are not a fan of zoos, and would much rather see the animals in their natural habitat. Well, if you plan a safari for your next vacation, finally, you can.

Did you know that there are safaris across the world, not just in Africa? In India, you can also go on safari and spend time amongst some of the world’s most amazing big cats.

4. Go trekking

If you are a fan of hiking, then you will love trekking. There are so many trekking vacations on offer around the world, from South Africa to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

If you fancy something a little more challenging, why not spend your vacation climbing part of Kilimanjaro? Doing an ascent of Kilimanjaro is the perfect way to challenge yourself, and is ideal for anyone who fancies a real adventure.

For a summer vacation with a difference, make sure to give one of these four fantastic ideas a try. From trekking in the mountains to swimming with sea life, there are so many adventures to choose from.

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