4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Aid Your Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

The smartphone industry has recently projected that over a quarter of the Earth’s population will be smartphone users by 2017. These figures are phenomenal but not hard to believe. You’d find it difficult to go anywhere now without seeing someone using their smartphone. Many of us will not leave our homes without them and enjoy using them for communication, shopping, and entertainment. But as well using them to boost your social life, they could help your business too. From maintaining your online presence to securing deals, their potential business uses are endless. Yet many business owners are still not seeing the benefits that using a smartphone for business use can bring. Take a look at these three ways that your smartphone can aid your business to see just how helpful they can be.

It can help you make the most of your working day

In business, it can sometimes feel as though there are not enough hours in the day. It’s likely that your working days are filled with countless tasks and meetings you need to attend and complete. Your smartphone can help you make the most out of every second by helping you plan your days more efficiently. Firstly, you could use the calendar feature on your smartphone to schedule appointments and meetings. You could also use it’s alarm clock to remind you of these appointments in advance, so you don’t forget, get prepared and arrive on time. You could also download a memo pad where you can make notes and reminders too.

There will also be instances during your day when you are wasting valuable time. This could be when you’re on the train or waiting in line at a shop. Having a smartphone means you can use this time more effectively. You can use it to quickly book hotels for business trips or reply to customer emails. You could even use this time to gather information on your competition by taking notes on their website and social media sites. This, in theory, should allow you to get more done during each day, which will help your business be more productive.

It can connect you to a wider audience

All business owners want to develop a captive and loyal customer base that continually buy their products or services. Not only does it encourage company growth but it also helps to promote and build a good reputation. The wider this audience becomes, the more success as business will experience. Your smartphone can help you connect with potential customers from all over the world, which can only benefit your company. You can download social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram and use them to find potential customers. You can also use these apps to promote sales, host competitions and showcase new products. Replying to messages sent by your customers through these sites can also help you build the positive reputation you desire.

You might also want to create a blog which you can update frequently using your smartphone. This could bring further interest on a larger scale to your company and what it provides.

It can help you keep track of your finances

No matter what kind of company you have, it’s essential that you stay on top of your finances. This not only helps you track where every penny is going, but it also allows you to complete your tax returns accurately. But staying in control of financial business records is not something that comes easily to us all. Some business owners find this task difficult and time-consuming. This is where your smartphone can help. You can download bookkeeping apps which are easy to fill in and can be accessed at any time. The majority of the provide guidance and support, while also alerting you when your figures don’t add up. These are a fantastic tool that help make this process quick and easier to stay in control of.

Many banks also have their own apps which are often free to download. These apps let you access your account quickly from anywhere in the world. You can transfer money, pay bills and check that your balance is correct. These apps can also help you stay in on top of your company’s finances and plan for it’s future.

In today’s world, you’d be a fool not to utilize your smartphone device to aid and better your business. These are a handful of examples, but there are plenty more that are just waiting to be discovered. So instead of just using your smartphone to text or play games, why not use it to make your business a success.

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