4 Ways Tech Is Changing The Way Business Operates

Written by Chloe Harwood

Technology is a wonderful thing. In fact, it has given us wonderful things. These days, tech is an integral part of everyday life. We’ll message our friends by phone. We’ll share pictures of the food we eat and I-watches are monitoring our heartbeats. Tech is all around us, and there is no escape. But in the business world tech isn’t just an integral part. It’s taken over completely. Everything that happens in the business world now operates through tech. Of course, we cannot claim that a bad thing. Let us show you what we mean.  


Ten or twenty years ago marketing used to mean buying expensive radio and television ads. Or, if you couldn’t afford that you would buy billboard space. If you didn’t have those resources either, you would send people out with fliers. That was marketing. Now marketing has become an industry all on its own, mainly operating online. Obviously the key to online marketing is SEO. If you don’t have any SEO on your site, you won’t be getting any interest online. To find out more about this, you can check out But online marketing doesn’t stop with SEO. It’s become more advanced than ever thanks to the use of apps and even augmented reality. You might have seen fliers with little codes on them. These are augmented reality codes. If you point a phone at them, they come to life. It’s a clever and rather a cheap way to use tech to make an interactive marketing campaign. This easy promotion has made the bigger market more accessible to smaller companies.

Daily Operations

One of the biggest headaches for a business owner is how to make their company more efficient. That just means that their employees are getting more done throughout the day, using fewer resources to do it. But technology provides the answer here as well. If you haven’t noticed, more businesses than ever are using cloud tech. A cloud server allows files to be easily transferred online with no delay. By doing this, you can access any part of your business from anywhere with a strong internet connection. To say this makes life simpler is a simplification in itself. It has allowed many businesses to run almost entirely from home. The costs are greatly reduced and again the market is now more open.

Outsourcing And E-Commerce

The level of outsourcing in the business world has increased dramatically. But again, this is due to technology and the rise of the e-commerce companies. E-commerce companies have been around for decades. But, it wasn’t until the digital revolution that they kicked into high gear. Now, you can get almost anything you want for your business with a click of a button. Whether that’s stock, machinery or money the choice is yours. The resource is there, and businesses are using it to cut costs and maximise profits.

It seems clear then that tech has had a huge impact on the way the business world operates. But it won’t stop here. With virtual reality tech almost ready for mass marketing you can bet it will be integrated into business very soon. The future is ready here, Are you?

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