4 Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

Written by Chloe Harwood

Money can go very quickly while out exploring, even if you are travelling on a tight budget. It becomes even harder still if you have bills including phone, internet, rent or mortgage that are due back home. To counteract the effects of cash regularly going out, why not try your hand at earning some money while you travel? Below are four great suggestions for doing so.

1. Trade

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a money-maker while you’re travelling, but online trade through various stock or financial markets could potentially be a lucrative income source. A convenient trade industry to get involved in while travelling is currency trading, where investors purchase and sell under and overvalued currencies. If this interests you, look into getting some training through an established company such as Learn to Trade; that way, you will have all the details you need to get trading when you start your trip away.

2. Teaching

If you’re someone that likes to spread a little bit of knowledge around, you should consider something like teaching or tutoring while you travel. English is one of the most widely spoken language in the world, so tutors are highly sort after, particularly in developing countries. There are a variety of forums and companies you can sign up with for placements before you go. Teaching and tutoring doesn’t just have to be resigned to languages though; it could also include subjects such as maths or dance.

3. Guide

English-speaking guides are in demand all over, so finding work with a tour company could be easier than you might think. This is another industry where you can find programs and companies to sign up with beforehand, so you know exactly where you’ll be going. A simple internet search will point you in the right direction. The great thing about this sort of work is that, with most tour companies, you will have your travel paid for as well as a wage.

4. Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to earn while travelling, as it’s all done in your own time. Plus, if the places you’re freelancing for are from your passport’s place of residence, you won’t have to worry about setting up alternate bank accounts or organising a visa. The types of freelancing jobs to choose from are enormous and can include writing, editing, graphic design or web developing. As long as you have your own laptop and a healthy internet connection, you can do just about anything.

Earning money while travelling can be the perfect solution for not using all your valuable savings; but if you’re going to do it, it has to be done the right way. If your work is not directly coming from your place of residence, make sure you apply for a working visa for the country or countries you plan on working in, and think about setting up an international bank account. If you do this, you can really work and earn with the peace of mind that you are doing it correctly.

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