5 Generous Ideas for Long Term Travel

Written by Chloe Harwood

Generosity does pay off. Here are a few ways you can make use of your generous ways on your travels…

Volunteer as a Teacher

Teaching, I believe, is one of the noblest duties one could ever undertake. There are a lot of challenges that come with this noble calling but the perks herein are also pretty high. You get to impact on a lot of lives and not to mention the paid holidays as the kids go on break.

Now look at this noble cause as a way for you to travel. You can choose to teach your language in a different country where you can get a cheap flight deal and then find a project. You could also choose to go to remote country to help out the kids there to learn to read and write. You can also choose to teach art, music or a whole scope of other subjects. What is common in all these is, you will get to do something great, yet get to see new places for a long time.

Do Conservation Work

Ever noticed that most of the places that need conservation work turn out to be beautiful unexplored regions? You can therefore choose to volunteer to help in doing conservation work. This will land you in these regions. Get to help build gabions, terraces, and even new schools and hospitals. Fly to some remote country and help save rare animals and conserve them in parks. Get to touch new plants as you help safeguard their healing powers. You will get to experience a new world, new food and view some of the most beautiful sceneries. Best part of this is you very easily might end up spending very little; or even nothing at all. Most of these programs offer volunteers accommodation as well as food. You get to take a long term trip, to a place you most probably always wanted to go, but at no cost whatsoever!

Work in an Orphanage

Children hold so much promise; I their eyes, their smiles and just the way they do things. You can choose to help nurture such lives by volunteering to work in an orphanage in beautiful places like South Africa, Costa Rica and India. Trick here would be choosing an orphanage in the location you most to go. As you get to help the children, plan trips to help socialize them and teach them how the outside world works. Get to view sights and sceneries available even as you help nurture the dreams that those beautiful souls posses.

Help Exchange Programs

This is where individuals or a group is looking for someone to help out with work in their farms, homes, buildings or religious groups. Much as some of the sites offering such require a small amount as registration fee think of the chance you get to visit an all new place for a while. The experience might also help build your résumé.

Peace Corps Programs

Find out which peace corps programs are available for your region and sign up. This will give you a chance to help out in projects such as healthcare, business and even environmental work. This will take you to different regions throughout your stay.

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