5 Ideas For A Perfect Annual Office Party

Written by Chloe Harwood

Some people dread them, and some people love them, but there’s no denying that the annual office bash is fun.

It’s an opportunity to get to know your ‘real’ colleagues, outside the work environment.

It’s also an event that you can get horribly wrong, by virtue of poor planning. You don’t have to be a party expert, but you do need heaps of common sense!

So, if you’re struggling, look no further. Below, you’ll find five great ideas to help you take your annual office party to another level!

Don’t stay in the workplace

Who wants to complete a grueling shift at work, go home and get ready for a party, and go… back to work. Nobody, that’s who.

So, make sure you splash out on an external location. It could be a function room, community center or even a conference room.

Of course, this will be costlier than staying at work, but it’ll also be better. Your staff may feel like they can’t escape the office if they have to go back there again.

Awards and trophies

The annual company party is a time to celebrate the year that was, and celebrate the biggest winners of that year.

Recognizing those employees that stood out can boost productivity and encourage harder work in future.

You could look into trophies – crystal awards work well for adding that corporate sheen to an awards ceremony. You could go with medals, cups, trophies, plaques… get creative!

Hire a photo booth

You’ll need something for people to do, no matter how trivial. A photo booth is an opportunity for your colleagues to get rowdy and have a laugh, while creating memories.

Photo booths are becoming cheaper and cheaper by the month. They also come with plenty of fancy dress items, which can be used to add a silly edge to those pictures.

You can then print these pictures off or store them digitally. Perhaps printing them off for a spot of office humiliation would be a funny move.

Insist on fancy dress

If your usual company work clothes policy is smart casual, people may end up dressing the same to a party.

This can make said party feel more like a work meeting, and not like the celebratory bash that it should be.

So, consider a theme. It could be Christmas, superheroes, supervillains, games, Disney or even food. There’s only one way to get Kevin dressed up like a cheesecake, after all.

Avoid a sit down meal

Look, your employees work in an office full-time – they don’t want to sit down together outside work too. In fact, they don’t really want to sit down any longer.

A sit down meal is also rather formal, and that’s not the feel you want to go for. Relaxation and comfort are the orders of the day, so don’t let them slip away.

Instead, opt for a buffet, or even a pizza delivery. As long as the food is nice, who cares where it comes from? Somehow, I don’t think people will be seeking a healthy, nutritious meal tonight.

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