5 Reasons Hosted Desktops Can Help Your Business Grow

Written by Chloe Harwood

Cloud computing has seen a major progression since its arrival in 2006. There is an estimation that 90% of businesses will be using cloud hosting by the of end of 2015, highlighting its importance. It offers a flexible and reliable option to storing and using data for businesses. However, there is an aspect of cloud hosting that is becoming increasingly important, hosted desktops.

Hosted desktops consists of the same principles as cloud computing, but with the chance to run software seamlessly without installation and waiting times. But do you know how it can benefit your business?


Businesses are now able to through various different devices, as there is a whole range of data available with a simple login. There is nothing that isn’t available as your emails, files and software is all available from absolutely anywhere all through the Internet. Having a flexible and reliable system accessible through the one secure, high powered and high performing network.  

Money Saving

It can be ridiculous to think that hosted desktops can save your business financially, but with desktop only contributing to half the work load, it allows it to have a longer life. Purchasing a hosted desktop will allow you to run various computers simultaneously and not invest in expensive hardware. Both established and new businesses can find themselves avoiding the troubles of expenses, any maintenance issues and data problems.


There are various different technical difficulties that could happen in the work place. Power cuts can happen at any given time, but will a system that consistently saves and backs up your work, technical difficulties will not stop your work. Investing into hosting desktops can tackle situations that are uncontrollable and data all stored at one point.

It is ridiculous to believe that there are never going to be problems with desktop hosting, but if there ever is a problem is it only requires one system to reboot, rather than a whole, saving time and potentially money.


Desktop hosting is the defined as the next generation of computer hosted, with an incredible 24-hour security system. With hosted desktops security is increased through its central database, which can also be monitored, restricted and tracked. Secure hosting provides a disaster recovery, ensuring everything you do is consistently backed up and completely fool proof. Ultimately, it is a small price to pay for reliability, financial benefit and the flexibility of working wherever you please.

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