5 Underwear Hacks That Every Fashionista Must Know

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you think that underwear is as simple as wearing, washing and repeating, you are mistaken. It needs a great deal of attention, right from buying the right size and style to maintaining it and discarding it at the right time. Beyond that, there is much more that you need to know about panties and bras if you want to wear them perfectly and prolong their life. After all, these delicates you wear inside can make all the difference to your looks and confidence level. Here are some amazing underwear hacks that every fashionista should know.

Sort and organize 

First of all, have a look at your collection on a regular basis with the intention to sort and organize. Declutter by discarding the ones that you do not wear, whether they are worn out or don’t fit well enough now. Organize the ones you have according to colors and styles so that it is easy to find ones that you need to wear with specific outfits. Assess your requirements periodically and add to your collection when you need something. 

Buy smartly

Once you know what you need, go ahead to replenish your collection. However, make sure that you measure yourself every time because this gets you a perfect fit. Explore in-store and online for the best offers. Another smart idea is to buy sets like these because they fetch you good deals. This is much better than picking one or two options here and there as you can avail perfect sizes and quality products with lesser work.

Stick to basics and neutral colors

Another piece of advice for fashionable divas is to stick to basic styles and neutral color schemes. Prioritize styles that offer ultimate comfort and support because you would look good only if you feel good. Invest in neutral colors because you can carry them under almost any outfit without the fear of showing up. Buy a piece or two of unconventional styles and colors if you want to experiment once in a while.

Pamper your undies

While being smart with undergarment shopping is important, you should pay equal attention to pampering them. After all, you are investing a considerable sum on them and would want them to last long. Proper wash care and routine are mandatory. Hand-washing them is a good idea because machine-wash can spoil their hooks and elastics. Fold them neatly and store them separately in a neatly-organized shelf or drawer.

Plan them like your outfits 

Beyond just planning your outfits, plan what wear under them as well. Decide the ones that you would want to wear under the next day’s outfit because it can help you prevent any “malfunctions”. For example, you may end up wearing a black bra under a white blouse in a hurry if you have not set things out the night before. A disaster like this is something that you should absolutely avoid!

With these smart hacks, you will be able to manage your underwear better and buy the ones that are just right for you. Remember that they matter as much as your fashionable outfits do! 

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