5 Ways To Create A Kick Ass Trade Show Display

Written by Chloe Harwood

A trade show is a great way for a business to market its brand to a wider audience. Why? It is a great technique because it takes place in a room full of people, it industry specific, and it is cheap. Still, you can’t turn up to a trade show and just hope to make a difference. To make a difference, you need to create an amazing booth that will make people aware of your business. If you want, you can use these five ideas to do just that.

  1.       Make it Unique

It is amazing how many businesses decide to go with a tried and tested display method. Not only is your competition going to do the same, but the audience has seen it all before. The result is that no one stands out from the crowd, and your success is down to pure luck. Instead of waiting for something to happen, take your fortunes into your hands. Try and make your booth unique and relevant to your company. You may decide to decorate in the colors of the company logo, for example, to catch the eye of any passers-by.

  1.       Use Accessories

One or two accessories could make all the difference to your success. Customers love accessories as they add to the experience, and that is what will lure them to your booth. The professionals at also say accessories can boost the aesthetics of your booth. And, they add storage space. As you can tell, accessories play a major part in any trade booth, so you should take them seriously. A couple of examples that work very well are display cases, signs, and counters.

  1.       Invest In Your Swag

Everyone loves a freebie, but free pens and pencil cases are not going to make a difference. To put a dent in the consumer’s armory, you need a big gesture. A perfect example is a company that uses a car as a prize. A car may be out of your budget, but it is not about the cost – it is about the perception. Try and find a giveaway that is in demand. That way, more people will come to your booth in the hopes of taking away a luxury prize. If you are worried about money, don’t. You only need one luxury prize to create a buzz.

  1.       Host A Competition

Why do you only need one big prize? You only need one big prize because you can host a competition. The person that wins takes away the prize while everyone else leaves with nothing. Although that sounds harsh, the losers won’t realize because they will be too busy trying their luck. In the end, everyone wins. They get the chance to win a new TV, and you get their contact details as well as their attention.

  1.       Incorporate Technology

The word is tech mad at the minute. Consumers love tech that much that they expect to see it at every turn. So, they will lower their expectations of you if you don’t give them what they want. Plus, technology adds value and makes your booth look more professional.

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