5 Ways To Make Your Office A Safe Place To Work

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you’re running a business, then you need to ensure that your office place is safe to work in. There are numerous health & safety measures you should look to, check out a few here:

First Aid Kit

Every office should have a first aid kit on site at all times. This should contain all your standard first aid items, like bandages, plasters, cleaning wipes, face shields, etc. All these things can be vital if there’s ever an emergency or health hazard in the office. You must keep your first aid kit in a memorable place that’s easy to get too. You don’t want to be rummaging around searching for ten minutes when one of your workers is stood there bleeding from their hand.

First Aid Training

You should have at least one person in your office as the designated first aider. They should have been on a first aid level 2 course at the very least, and have proper certification. You need someone with first aid training to help with any emergencies or minor problems. They’re obviously not going to be stitching up wounds and completing surgery, but they can help with little things. If someone has a bruise or a small cut, they can give them the proper treatment needed. If someone collapses at work, then they’ll be on the scene to help out until the emergency services arrive. In an ideal world, all of your workers will have some form of first aid training, the more the merrier.

Electrical Equipment

All offices will undoubtedly have lots of electrical equipment. So you have to take the right safety measures regarding them. This means no drinking liquids by your computers, in case you spill your drink all over the equipment. Also, you shouldn’t have any computer equipment in your kitchen area, that goes without saying! Make sure that you’re turning equipment off before unplugging it, you don’t want to electrocute yourself or others around you.

Fire Exits

Make sure your office has clearly labelled and accessible fire exits. This is an absolute bare minimum requirement if you want to pass a safety inspection. Without fire exits then there’s no easy way to escape the building if there’s a fire. You need to check up on your fire exits to make sure they’re in constant working order.

Warning Signs

There should be warning signs near any hazard areas or dangerous equipment on the inside and outside of your office. There could well be generators on the outside of your office building that have a dangerously high voltage. You must have clear signs present detailing the dangers and telling people not to touch them. The same goes for anything else dangerous, make sure there’s a sign warning people, so they don’t just go up and play with it.

A business needs to have a safe working environment; it’s absolutely vital. If your office cannot live up to regular health & safety measures, then there’s a chance your business will be shut down. Don’t cut corners, make sure everything is as it should be and that your office is a safe place to work in.

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