5 Ways To Unlock The Best From Your Employees

Written by Chloe Harwood

Your employees are the single most important aspect of your business. They are on the ground pushing your company forward. They’re building connections, securing clients and making things happen. If it weren’t for their work, your business would grind to a halt and leave you stranded. With that in mind, it’s in your interests to treat them with respect and provide the best possible environment.

There’s a direct correlation between companies who treat employees well and their performance. If you can inspire your workers to perform to the best of their ability, your company benefits. Harness their passion, excitement and energy and channel it into the future of the business. Here’s how you treat them well and unlock the best performance.

1. Give the room to grow

No-one likes to work in a dead-end job. There is an inevitable sense of pointlessness involved and work will suffer. Show your employees their route to the top. Most people are ambitious. They want to secure promotions, earn more money and take on more responsibility. Give them the space and freedom to explore this as they go on. It’s particularly important in a small business; you need to inspire them to work with you. Don’t keep your best workers boxed up, let them grow.

2. Communicate

Communication is the most important point on this list. Write it down, remember it, and practise it every day. The communication between you and your employees is essential. Get to know their ambitions and dreams. Where do they see themselves in ten years and how can you help them get there? What can you do, as an employer, to unlock their passion and ambition. Schedule regular meetings and encourage feedback.

3. Provide a comfortable environment

The office surroundings play a crucial part in your employees’ happiness. Everything from the temperature to the natural light alters their mood. We’ve all worked in those horrible, grey cubicle offices. They’re stuffy, overwhelming and they drain any energy and passion from your workforce. Make sure your office installs all season climate control to curate the perfect temperature. Finally, let as much natural sunlight into the office as possible.

4. Celebrate success

In an office environment, we often lose sight of the work we spend hours on. As an employer, it’s important that you provide feedback to your workers and celebrate its success. Did their research help land a big new client? Did their presentation convince a new investor? Tell them how crucial their work was and celebrate the success!

5. Training

The best employees are desperate to learn more. They want to understand their industry and grow to dominate it. As we mentioned before, they’re ambitious and passionate. Feed that hunger by providing regular training. Pay for your employees to complete a new qualification or attend a course. They’ll appreciate the gesture and it will increase loyalty. More importantly, it will unlock new skills and inspire renewed passion.

As an employer, you should do everything in your power to unlock your employees’ potential. Give them every opportunity to shine and make sure their contribution is valued. Let us know any tips that have worked for you!

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