6 Unmatched Benefits Of Residing In A Small Town

Written by Chloe Harwood

Not everyone gets the option to choose a place where they would want to reside. People are tied down due to jobs, family responsibilities, education, and other reasons. If you are fortunate, however, you can decide to move elsewhere, a place that you love. When it comes to choosing a place to live, people are often confused between small towns and large cities. While there are big opportunities in big cities, life in small towns is better in more than one way. 

What if you want to slow down after years of slogging at work? What if you want to explore business opportunities in an area that has huge potential? Do you simply want to give your children a peaceful environment while they grow up? There could be several reasons why you may want to move to a small town. Before you actually take the leap, it would be better to understand the pros of residing in a small town. Let us explain the unmatched benefits of small-town life.  

Optimal cost of living

Compared to large cities, the cost of living in smaller towns is optimal. Everything from property rent, groceries, utilities, education, and other services tend to dig a hole in the pocket in bigger cities. Conversely, things are less expensive in smaller areas. Similarly, if you run your own business, the overall investment and operational costs will be lower even while you can thrive in the local economy. A small town, therefore, enables you to enjoy a much better standard of living within the same budget as in a bigger place. 

Strong sense of community 

Small town living is all about a strong sense of community. The population is limited and everyone knows almost everyone else. Rather than living on islands (as people in big cities do), people interact with each other. They are closer to each other and do not feel isolated. You can expect people greeting you on the road and neighbors dropping by just to say hello. The whole town is like a single community with residents willing to help each other when there is a need. 

Reasonably priced properties 

Another reason why you may want to live in a smaller town is that the properties are reasonably priced here. Not only are the real estate prices within reach, but property taxes are also lower in these areas. For example, if you consider buying a home in Idaho, towns such as Middleton emerge as a great option. You get all the amenities that you expect but property prices are much lower as compared to the bigger cities in the same area. You can fulfill your dream of owning your home, which may not be achievable in a larger city.

Low crime rates

If you are looking for a place that is safe for your family to reside, small towns make an apt choice because of the low crime rates. The best part is that you can even allow your kids to play outside without worrying about their safety. You can just ask your neighbors to keep your eye on your home as you go for a holiday. Besides theft and other crimes, the accident rates in small towns are lower as well. 

Less traffic and pollution 

Since the population of small towns is limited, you can expect less traffic on the roads. Moreover, the distances are shorter and people prefer to walk or use bicycles to reach their destinations. Public transport is also easier to use. The commute times are usually lesser and the fuel expenses are limited too. Less traffic on the road means that there is lesser pollution to deal with. People are not in a hurry and stress, making them healthier and happier.

Better education system

Obviously, the number of students in classes is lesser in smaller towns. This means that children get individual attention as compared to that in crowded classes in bigger cities. There are closer interactions between parents and teachers as well. If you want a better education system for your children, small-town living is the ideal choice. 

Considering these benefits of small-town life, residing in one seems to be a matter of good luck. Residents have an easier pace of life as compared to that in large cities. Since they are more relaxed and get a positive environment to live in, they tend to be healthier as well. Beyond everything, you get ample time with family and friends because of the relaxed lifestyle. So if you are still apprehensive about moving to a small town, you need not worry! 

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