7 Mistakes To Avoid At Your Corporate Event

Written by Chloe Harwood

One of the best ways for companies to network and spread their message is by attending events. An even better way to do this is to host your own. This allows you to control the feel of the room, and the nature of the agenda.

But, it isn’t as though you’re just throwing a random birthday party. Business professionals will expect – you guessed it – a professional atmosphere at all times. So, it’s important to get things right, and avoid any mistakes that could turn your event into a disaster.

  1. Not welcoming guests

If your event is being held in a multi-storey skyscraper, how do you expect people to find you without getting lost? Hiring some reception staff to take coats, direct guests and provide a warm welcome will make a killer first impression.

  1. No wi-fi

Running a business is a 24/7 commitment. Executives need to stay connected to be informed of any sudden changes with deals, sponsorships and more. At the very least, host the event in a place with good mobile coverage.

  1. Making the event too nondescript

This event will represent you, your business and everything that you stand for. So, it’s important to make it feel like a true part of your company, rather than a soulless meeting. Some corporate event catering providers can theme food, menus and waiter clothing to match your business. This helps you convey your company more effectively, and helps people associate you with quality.

  1. Not promoting the event

Hosting a corporate event is a good way to get even more media exposure than you would have done previously. Not notifying the press, spreading the word online or creating marketing materials is a missed opportunity. It doesn’t take long to use your phone to post a status update, after all.

  1. Not providing food and drink

Business owners are humans too, you know. They enjoy a turkey sandwich and chips just as much as the next person. Keeping people full and satisfied can make them respect you more as a company, so don’t forget it.

  1. Not hiring a guest speaker

You have to attempt to engage the business professionals in attendance, and it’ll be hard to do so alone. A professional speaker, as the name implies, will be able to effectively spread your message and agenda. Stage presence is hard to come by, so make sure you work with someone who has it.

  1. Not checking the weather

You need to check it as far in advance as possible. If your event features an outdoor space – maybe for a product demonstration – can you still do this safely? Do you have enough shelter for guests, or enough umbrellas? It’s up to you to plan accordingly.

In conclusion

Event planning isn’t easy – if it were, everyone and their mother would be doing it. Unlike hosting a birthday party, where you’re already among friends, a corporate event allows you to make new ones. This in mind, it’s vital that you make a solid, professional impression. Don’t let your company down!

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Chloe Harwood