7 Warning Signs Indicating You Have A Parasite

Written by Chloe Harwood

Parasites are more common than you can imagine. You may have always thought that these creepy intruders exist only in underdeveloped countries. But surprisingly, parasitic infections occur across the globe and even in the developed nations. If you think that you have a parasite, you are not alone. So how do you come to know that there are parasites inside your body? Do you wait for some symptoms or directly take a test? Are there specific signs that suggest the presence of parasites with accuracy? 

Yes, parasites are associated with certain symptoms that can give you a fair idea if you have them. And you will be surprised to know that all of them are not related to digestive issues as you may expect them to be. Moreover, the signs may vary depending on the kind of organisms that you harbor within your system. Considering the wide range of parasites that exist, it is better to be aware of the symptoms so that you can address the problem appropriately. Here are some common signs that you should look out for.

Compromised immunity 

If you are getting sick repeatedly for no apparent reason, a bug in your stomach may be responsible. Parasites and compromised immunity have cause and effect relationships. This is because the presence of parasites reduces your ability to fight disease. Conversely, low immunity puts you at a high risk of getting more parasites and parasitic infections. Anemia is one of the most common diseases associated with parasites. You may suffer from frequent stomach infections as well.

Weight loss 

Though shedding a few pounds is a stroke of good luck, unexplained weight loss may not always be good news. It could happen because there are tape worms inside your intestine and they are eating your food. Your body lacks nutrition despite eating well. The sign may be accompanied by an upset stomach and loss of appetite. If you notice these symptoms together, get yourself tested for stomach bugs. 

A constant feeling of hunger

If you eat well enough but still feel hungry all the time, you probably have these pesky intruders in your stomach. This symptom is easy to overlook because it is not troublesome. But you should still be vigilant and take action if you experience it persistently. Try a parasitic cleanse diet that has good chances of eliminating the bugs. If the symptom still persists and you feel famished despite eating well, you should see a doctor immediately. 

Recurring digestive issues

Having recurring digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating and stomach infection is another indication of parasites. You will probably notice that you are spending a long time in the toilet due to one reason or the other. If you have recently suffered from food poisoning, you need to be extra watchful. In case your digestion is not the same after the episode, there are good chances of a parasite being in there. 

Troubled sleep

A surprising symptom that indicates a parasite within your system is troubled sleep. Most of the patients report difficulties with falling asleep while waking up several times during the night is also common. You may even grind your teeth while asleep. Don’t blame insomnia for stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. A tiny bug in your intestine may be responsible for keeping you awake!

Skin problems

The presence of parasites may also be indicated by sudden skin eruptions and unexplained rashes. You could suffer from eczema, hives or rosacea, not because of underlying skin issues but due to parasites inside your body. If you have been struggling with itchy skin and seeing a dermatologist has not helped, you probably need to get a test for parasites. 

Fatigue and pain

Parasites are not always going to hurt your digestion; they can even tire you out. If you experience fatigue and exhaustion even with minimal physical activity, these bugs may be at fault. The exhaustion may go beyond physical one and you may feel mentally tired and depressed as well. Aching joints and muscles are also a sign that you must be vigilant about. 

Now that you know the common signs and indications of parasites, you will be able to detect them quickly. Remember that the symptoms of parasites may be unrelated and unexplained. But you should still be able to understand that you have them. Early detection and treatment is the key because it can save you a great deal of trouble. Therefore, you should not ignore any of these signs and seek immediate medical help to resolve the problem once and for all.

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