A 5-Step Guide To Launching Your Next Product

Written by Chloe Harwood

The biggest companies on the planet really know how to launch a product. Think about Apple’s famous launch events. Steve Jobs or Tim Cook stands on stage, and announces the latest iPhone to millions all at once. They know that the initial spike in sales defines their entire campaign. It’s your job to force that sales spike as high as possible on launch day. So, how exactly do you successfully launch a product?

  1. Make sure the product is phenomenal

First of all, you need to understand that a glitzy launch event won’t hide a poor product. Go back to the drawing board, and ensure your product is the very best it can be before you launch. Get customer feedback, and make tweaks. Only launch when you’re 100% confident about your product. Remember, journalists will only write about it if it’s brilliant. And customers will only buy it if it’s top-notch.

  1. Secure early press coverage

A great product launch requires a build up of buzz and excitement. You need to create an atmosphere of longing and suspense. Make people want the product before it’s even out! You can do that by getting tastemakers and key media personnel on board early. Try to secure early reviews and blog coverage. Never underestimate the power of blogs and underground support! These people are the tastemakers and influencers. We suggest using Newswire press release distribution. You can send information to key media sites early, and build that groundswell.

  1. Make it an event

Launching a new product is about being as loud as possible. So, turn it into an event! Host a launch party, and make sure everyone knows about it. Just remember to keep it relevant to your industry. Apple, for example, always launch with an enormous tech conference event. If you’re a fashion designer or retailer, however, you’ll want to launch with a runway show. Musicians will launch with a gig. Make your product launch a media event. Invite all the right tastemakers, and get to know them personally. An event helps break down barriers, and makes it much more likely you’ll get positive coverage.

  1. Take pre-orders

If you’ve planned this correctly, you should be building plenty of buzz leading up to the launch. But, rather than waiting until launch day to sell your product, put up pre-order links. Make sure people can commit to buying before it comes out. Not only does that boost your numbers on launch day, it creates even more anticipation. We all love to be the first to get our hands on something.

  1. Encourage others to show it off

This is another thing that Apple does brilliantly. They encourage all their event guests to tweet, blog, and share everything about the launch. They know that word-of-mouth is the most important part of the launch. Create something that people want to share and show off. Whether it’s an exclusive party or a brilliant product, make sure people are talking about it.

Follow this advice, and you’ll launch with a bang! Good luck!

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