A Comprehensive Education: Developing Your Learning Later In Life

Written by Chloe Harwood

So many of us can feel we’ve missed the boat in life, especially if we ended up making certain sacrifices early. For example, if we didn’t go to college or university to pursue our education further, we can feel a little bit bound by our supposed “lack” in qualifications. But while you have made up for it in life experience, if you are adamant that you need to pick up where you left off, developing your own unique education can be enlightening, but also enriching. So, when you are looking to make a new start, or you are thinking about changing career, can you take the appropriate steps towards educating yourself in a new way, especially if you are incredibly busy?

Online Learning

One of the most prominent advantages now is the fact that we can complete online degrees without having to set foot in any institutionalized building. You may think that this leaves you at a disadvantage, but in fact, because of the way the work is structured, you can build it around your life. And you may think that the validity of the qualification isn’t something that transfers to the real world, but this is not the case. What’s also beneficial about a lot of these courses is that, even if you’ve started one, and it’s not what you thought it was, there are ways to transfer credits on to another course, so you can get more considerable experience. The article Associate of Arts and Associate of Science – What’s the Difference?online degrees this highlights what you can do, for example, if you’ve gone down a scientific route but now want to pursue a more arts-related education. And with so many courses online, it gives you that opportunity to dip your toe into this world. So if you’ve not found your calling in life, and you want to try a few things before you go ahead, going online to get a general opinion is a very useful starting step, especially with the numerous free courses out there.

Education Isn’t Just Academic

If you are looking at making a change in life, but you don’t have the necessary qualifications, you have life experience, and this works in your favour. If you have the opportunity, you can get an internship in the industry you would like to pursue, and in addition to this, there are numerous resources for you to get an education. We can feel that if we didn’t go to university that we have to get an education through textbooks. In actual fact, everything is an education; life experience, the media, and everything you take on board. When companies look at CVs, it’s not always about the relevant experience. You have to remember that it’s about transferable skills, and why you are suitable for a specific role, even if you have no experience. Enthusiasm and passion, but also life experience, is part of a comprehensive education. And when you are trying to develop your education later on in life, whether to start a new career or to improve your horizons, don’t ever feel that you are too old.

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