Accessing Auckland – Why Co-working Spaces Can Grow Your Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

New Zealand’s population is growing and rapidly, and as one of its major cities, Auckland stands to benefit from a burgeoning population, some hailing from other countries around the world. In step with Auckland’s popularity, coworking spaces have seen a boon in the last couple of years. Once seen as a trendy way to lease office space, coworking has revolutionised office space in this city to the point that coworking is now a staple of office landscape.

Some of the reasons professionals in Auckland find the co-working space a great option relates to its cost-effectiveness. However, there are a number of reasons co-working spaces prove to help businesses, namely in terms of business growth. Because of the way in which the spaces operate, professionals have plenty of opportunities to engage with each other. Visit the site at to see an example of the way co-working spaces can aid your business’s growth.

Let’s take a look at just some of the many different ways coworking can aid your business’s growth in Auckland and help you to become more established.

Networking And Collaboration Opportunities

First and foremost, the coworking space, by virtue of its set up, provides professionals and businesses with the opportunity to network. Typically, these offices are comprised of professionals from a diverse array of industries, start-ups, and technology. For these reasons, professionals might find themselves working in an office containing a wealth of resources.

For professionals, this can be the stepping-stone and foundation for building contacts within the coworking community. Furthermore, these networking events can help businesses raise their profile. Ultimately, though, businesses can raise their profile by simply meeting professionals from a diverse array of industries, which leads to collaboration and partnership opportunities.

In many cases, these collaborations form the foundation of innovation and enterprise in many communities. The collaboration is probably one of the best ways for businesses to parlay networking opportunities into lucrative ones. For the average co-working professional, though, the collaboration can lead to your next contract.

Test New Markets

Another way that coworking supports business growth is by allowing professionals to test out other areas without having to incur costs like expensive overhead. In fact, because of the many online tools available in many coworking outfits, professionals can perform market research right from their desks, and if travel is needed, the cost to rent the use of space daily is much more inexpensive than it would be if leasing through conventional methods. In essence, the coworking model has made it possible for businesses to gain access to areas globally that formerly were limited because of travel costs.

Operate On The Global Stage

The coworking space allows Auckland professionals to operate on the global stage simply because of the number of companies using this format has grown from just the start-up to include major conglomerates. Because of this, many coworking outfits are adapting their plans to meet the needs of this growing coworking population. SMEs are also finding that these spaces can accommodate their needs, which include attracting and retaining top talent and accessing appropriate products and services from around the world, in addition to a number of other benefits.

Sharing Ideas

The fuel for business innovation begins with a simple idea. In the coworking space, professionals share information and ideas, which plant the seeds of much innovation. For a fledgeling business trying to make its way through Auckland’s business climate, this back and forth can mean the difference between staying afloat and sinking.

Boosting Business Growth Through Coworking

Auckland’s vibrant coworking scene is where your business can actually plant seeds for growth. With a number of options to choose from, businesses can find themselves working in coworking communities that cater to their business’s needs. Ultimately, through the sheer number of opportunities to connect with professionals across industries, your business will see the fruit of this investment.

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