Always Running Late? Here’s How You Can Get There On Time Every Time

Written by Chloe Harwood

Are you one of those people who is always running late? There are plenty of them out there, and it can have a really damaging effect on your life if you don’t take control if it. It can damage your relationships with others, and it can even limit your career prospects. If you’re always late for work, why would the boss choose you for a promotion? If you want to start getting there and getting things done on time, here are some steps to take.

Find Ways to Create Useful Reminders

Are you often late because you forget about commitments and arrangements that you have previously made? This is something that many people do. It’s easy to forget about things when you lead a busy life and don’t have much rest in between commitments. However, you have no excuses for forgetting about things these days because there are so many ways to remind yourself. You could get into the habit of setting alerts on your phone, for example. Then you will be given notice of any things you need to do.

Organise Your Everyday Life Better

Organisation might be the thing that is letting your down. If your whole life seems like a chaotic whirlwind, you will never get anything done. Instead, you will drift along, trying your best but ultimately failing to take control of your life and your situation. That’s not a good way to live your life. So, instead, you should stop and have a look at each aspect of your life. Organise things and managing your daily and weekly schedules better might help you regain the control that you’ve lost over the years. The difference this makes could be huge.

Take Control of Your Failing Car Once and For All

There are often real-world issues that stop you from getting to where you need to be. If one of those things is your car, then you need to make changes. For example, if your car is always breaking down and meaning that you can’t get to places on time, address the issue directly. You might tell yourself that you can’t afford to pay for repairs or a replacement. But there might be some DIY actions that can be taken to extend the life and capabilities of your car, so don’t dismiss the idea. A new spark plug or an automotive hose won’t cost much. But they could make a big difference.

Stop Focusing on Deadlines

If you are always focused on deadlines, you might think that this might help you meet them. But that’s not always how it works. In fact, the opposite can often be true. For many people, a deadline seems distant. And that allows you to tell you that you have plenty of time to get things done. So, you go slowly, take your time, and then you only start panicking when the deadline suddenly gets near. Instead of working like that, try to take your eye off the deadline and focus on getting things done immediately instead. This can apply to so many areas of your life.

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