Apple Announces New MacBook

Written by Chloe Harwood

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, announced earlier this month that the company will be coming out with a new MacBook, and revealed a few new details about the notebook, which is scheduled to be released in April. The notebook is going to be the first of a new line of notebooks, and it is called the New MacBook.

The New MacBook is going to be the lightest and thinnest notebook that the company has ever made, which is saying something, because of how thin and light the MacBook Air is. The New MacBook has a fanless design, a very thin Retina display, and a full size keyboard, that is 34 percent thinner than the keyboard in their thinnest notebook. The New MacBook also has a terraced battery design, a USB-C port, and a Force Touch Trackpad. It is expected to be the future of notebooks.

The design of the New MacBook is similar to the MacBook Air, it is available in the traditional silver finish that Apple notebooks have been known for, and it is also available in gold, but unlike other Apple notebooks, the logo doesn’t glow. The size of the bezels around the edge of the display has also been reduced, giving users a bigger screen.

The Force Touch Trackpad is also a new addition to the New MacBook, the trackpad can tell the difference between a tap and a click, because it is pressure sensitive, and can tell how hard you are pressing the pad. It also allows you to click at any point on the pad, instead of just the bottom of the pad. The Force Touch Trackpad vibrates when you click it, letting you know that you just clicked it, and you can adjust its sensitivity to your liking.

The keyboard on the New MacBook has also been redesigned, instead of the scissor mechanism that was used in the other notebooks, Apple is using a butterfly mechanism in the New MacBook, in order to make it thinner. While the size of each key is bigger, the space between them is smaller, and kind of feels like you are typing on a touchscreen, because of the minimal movement when you press them.

As previously mentioned, the New MacBook will have a USB-C port, the port isn’t very common right now, so you will need to get an adapter to be able to use other electronics that use USB-A and USB-B. The bright side is that USB-C is more powerful than the other two, and has a 20v power output, compared to USB-A’s 5v output.

These are some of the information that have been released about the New MacBook, and more information is expected to come out, the closer we get to the release date. The New MacBook will not be the lightest laptop on the market when it is released, but it is expected to be one of the best and most popular laptops.

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