Are You Reaching Your Customers on Facebook

Written by Chloe Harwood

Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine a time when social networks and businesses were not an item. We live amazing times when marketing campaigns can be interesting, interactive, and pleasant for both the creator and the target audience without going through complex processes and decisions. Gone are the times when you just posted an ad in the paper or the Yellow Pages and waited for the customers to show up! No, now you have to hit all the sweet spots and make sure your campaign creates engagement before you can count your successes.

So, are you prepared to do what it takes in order to reach to customers on Facebook? Do you know what this means? Sadly, there are still lots of people who don’t actually understand how Facebook works and this leads to disappointment and frustration. That’s why today we are going to talk about the things every business (big or small) should be doing on social networks in order to get to their target audience.

#1: Be active

No, it’s not enough to create a page and post from time to time. Facebook is changing its algorithms quite often and, if you are not interacting with your readers via comments, shares, likes and others you will slowly lose contact. Thus, your posts will be seen by less and less people each day. This is not something you want for your business.

Since you won’t be able to come up with new, interesting posts and ideas every day, you can use a cheating technique: curated content. For instance, if you take care of the social media campaign for a physical therapy clinic, then you can post content from authority sites in the health niche or share your competitor’s posts.  This will help you stay active and in contact with your possible future patients.

#2: Educate your audience

The Facebook Business page is as important as your blog. Both are fantastic channels that help you reach directly to potential customers in order to attract them towards your business. However, you can also use these channels to educate people in regards to what you offer. This way, you share pieces of information that will show you are open and flexible when it comes to helping customers and sharing a great experience.

#3: Be creative

The standard rule book of online marketing via Facebook starts to get old really quick. People are already familiar with the moves and they want to see creativity and dedication towards the client. So, maybe it’s time to be a bit more daring when it comes to online marketing and learn some new tricks.

#4: Don’t be afraid to advertise your product

Once you start to get engagement and people come to your page naturally, it’s time to advertise your products and services. This is actually the main reason why you created the page, right? Try to avoid being aggressive and combine advertisements with interesting posts to keep the readers interested.

As you can see, the main rule of good advertisement when it comes to social media is communication. You have to find a way to engage people into posting comments, sharing your posts, and interacting with your page. If you manage to do so, almost all your campaigns will be counted as a success.

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