Are You Worried About The Future?

Written by Chloe Harwood

There will always be moments in our everyday life where we may think about what the future holds. It might be to consider our health, our finances, what we might do when we retire from our careers, or simply whether we even have a future. Life can throw us curveballs at any given time, and none of truly know what the future holds. However, we can prepare for it as best we can. We can put things in place, plan and save which will ultimately help guide our future in the way we hope it to be. I wanted to share with you some of the things you could consider to help the worry of your future fade.

Have you considered your finances?

Your financial side of things can be a rather confusing matter when it comes to the future. Sure you can budget now from month to the next. Save for your holidays and luxuries in life, but the future often means retirement and no monthly wage to rely on. No career progression, promotions or pay rises to enjoy. What then? This is when right now you can be savvier with your money by investing in a property, into a pension, or saving weekly or monthly little and often. These things alone can be enough to guarantee you a lifestyle that you can enjoy when you hot that golden chapter of your life. After working all those years, why shouldn’t you?

What happens to your estate when you are gone?

Your estate is essentially your home, your finances and any items that you own. But more specifically, there could be an overall value on it that can be subject to tax when you are no longer around, and you have allocated a spouse or family member to be your executor. If you have a will in place, then you may have asked for certain things to be divided, but often this can be difficult if we are talking larger amounts. This is when a practical planning system could be the answer to help your future loved ones do what you wish, without the negative impact of tax.

What will you do in retirement?

Have you got any plans for your retirement? Do you know what you might like to do with that time that you have? While no one can predict how they will feel, how physically fit they will be, you can make some plans for the future. Many like to create a bucket list which documents exactly where you might like to go or experiences you want to have. From visiting particular countries to dining in certain hotels, this list is personal to you. It can also be quite fun to create.

How about your health?

Finally, while we don’t know what the situation will be with our health, you can ensure that you take care of your mind and body right now. Having a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water can help to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. You can also try and ensure that you put some plan together to help with health costs should you need them in the future. These can often help to finance time out of work or any medical treatment you could need.

I hope that these options help to put your mind at ease about the future.

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