Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

Written by Chloe Harwood

Buying your first commercial space is an exciting time in any pursuit. It may well be the first time you feel you’re established and successful. Whether you’re investing in an office, a factory, or anything else, there’s a lot to consider. You’ll need to read up on workplace law, kit the place, and make sure everything’s up and running. All of which can be incredibly stressful. So stressful, in fact, that you may forget the small touches.

After all that hard work, finishing touches will be far from your mind. Who cares about all that when you’ve got so much on your plate? In truth, though, the finishing touches are a lot more important than you might think. They’re often crucial for a happy workforce. And, let’s be honest, if your workforce isn’t happy, you haven’t done your job right! That’s why we’re going to look at a few small additions that may not be so small after all.


For the most part, all your attention will have been spent on getting the inside of the office looking right. There’s nothing wrong with that. The inside is what you and your employees will spend the day looking at, after all. But, that’s not to say that you should neglect the outside altogether. For one, driving up to an uninspiring space won’t be good for moral. And, most importantly, the outside of the space is what the public sees. If you can’t make your workspace look presentable, what does it say about your product? On a more serious note, there are also security benefits to turning attention outwards.

Small touches, such as repainting, and planting window boxes, will make a huge difference. Turn your attention, too, to the window frames. If they’re flaking and dilapidated, they’ll look bad and pose security issues. Give the whole building a once over and make sure everything’s in working order. While painting, you may also want to consider including your company logo somewhere.

It’s also worth considering some extra security features. Closed gates look professional, and keep things secure. To save your colleagues hassle, you could get a linear actuator, like those found at Powerjackmotion, which will open the gate automatically. This small addition will only add to the professional appearance you’re after. Plus, it’ll make everyone’s lives a lot easier! It’s also worth installing CCTV and placing an alarm box somewhere visible.


The staff room is a space that too often gets neglected. But, if you want to promote happiness in your workforce, it’s essential you get this right. For one, you need to provide a spacious area in which your colleagues can enjoy their breaks. It’s also worth providing essentials, like a kettle and fridge. A microwave is sure to go down well, too. The more you do for your employees, the more motivated they’ll be to do good work.

Even if you don’t have space for a separate staff room, it’s worth setting aside a corner for this purpose. You could separate it from the rest of the room with tables. While it’s not an ideal setup, it’s better than not providing a space at all. It may even be worth buying some outdoor seating, in case they want to get some fresh air during their breaks!


A good workspace motivates everyone to do the best job they can. That’s why it may be worth adding some motivational touches to the office. How you do this is up to you. Motivational quotes always go down well and work universally. You could buy prints of quotes that most represent your company’s values and hang them on the walls. You could even purchase a chalkboard, and write a new motivational kick on there each day. If you love a particular quote, you could paint it on the wall to ensure you and your team never forget its sentiment!


As a workplace often becomes a home away from home, it may also be worth adding some home-like touches. These will ensure the site keeps a relaxed vibe and feels welcoming to anyone entering it. Of course, how far you can go with this depends on your workplace. Health and safety would stop this working in a factory. In an office, though, you could provide rugs, potted plants, and a comfortable sofa if you have room. When you’re all spending so much time there, it makes sense to make the place cozy!

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