Do You Own An Auto Dealership? Here’s How To Sell More Cars!

Written by Chloe Harwood

There’s no denying that auto dealerships are always looking for ways to increase sales. It’s no secret they often have ambitious targets to meet, especially ones set by car makers. If you run such an establishment, you will no doubt be under pressure to sell more cars!

But, what you might not realize is that there are some things you can do to improve the flow of sales. If you haven’t sold enough stock in the past few weeks, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I will share with you some killer tips to help you boost your sales. Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out!

Be more helpful to customers

The thing about sales staff is that some people are lousy at their jobs! They make assumptions and judgments about people who might lose them a sale. And they also feel that being condescending to customers will make them “give in” and buy a car.

It’s important that your team are both helpful and respectful to your clients. Their job is to find out what problems customers have and offer them a suitable solution. You should never try to sell a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Why? Because most of the time such tactics backfire!

Be less formal

Have you ever noticed that auto dealerships are full of people wearing suits? It can sometimes make people feel intimidated like the staff is looking down at them. A more casual approach to workwear is the order of the day.

There is nothing wrong with “smart casual” wear when you’re selling cars. It breaks down barriers with all customers. Let’s face it; a suit isn’t going to tell people that you are a professional. The way you conduct yourself does.

Some dealerships even have staff wear branded lanyards. They do that so customers can identify them as employees. The approach to smart casual wear works well for other retail environments. Apple is a prime example of that.

Sell cars in a range of budgets

It’s likely that your auto dealership will have customers from all walks of life. That’s why it’s important to have a range of vehicles on offer, at various prices.

That way, you can cater to a broader segment of the market. Some car dealers make the mistake of selling to a particular niche market. When interest in that market goes down, so will their revenue!

Encourage 24-hour test drives

Sometimes a customer may need more than five minutes on the road to decide if they want to buy a car or not. An interesting concept is to let those people go on 24-hour test drives. In other words, they get to take the car home, keep it overnight and bring it back the next day.

It’s a good idea, especially for models at the higher end of the range. After all; the last thing customers want to do is buy a car that they’ll end up hating!

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