Battle the Cold This Winter and Make Your Store More Comfortable

Written by Chloe Harwood

Running a store is a complicated venture as it is. What you don’t need is the winter weather making things worse. The problem is that you can’t control the elements. And the cold air can leave your store uncomfortable and uninhabitable. So, here are a few ideas for ways in which you can battle the cold and keep your business warm to keep customers rolling in.

Keep Doors Shut

The easiest way to start trying to keep the store warmer is to keep the doors shut. Cold air can get into a room very quickly. And leaving a door open is the easiest way to achieve this. So you need to make sure that the doors get closed as often as possible. This means that when somebody leaves a room they need to close the door behind them. You might even want to try to keep the front door of the store closed as often as you can.

Use an Air Curtain

Sometimes, it’s not going to be plausible or practical to keep the doors shut. But you’re still going to have to deal with the issue of the cold air outside. Luckily, there is the perfect solution in the form of air curtains. These are over door heaters that work to regulate and maintain the two spaces at different temperatures. For instance, they prevent the cold air outside from contaminating the warm air inside. And they still work on keeping the interior of the store nice and warm. An air door is a practical and effective way of battling the cold, and making the store more comfortable.

Wrap Up

As well as making the place more comfortable for your customers, your staff need to be protected. It’s vital to ensure that the business runs to its full capacity no matter what the weather is like. So, for this reason, it’s important to make sure you encourage staff to wrap up. Wearing extra layers will help to keep them warm and mean they can continue to do their jobs well. It will also help you cut down on heating bills, as you won’t need to use the heating as much.


Of course, your building is going to have insulation already. But, you might want to think about adding more insulation to it to make the place warmer. Now, this might be quite a big job so you’ll need to do some planning in advance. If you have an efficient warehouse, you might think about adding insulation in here. Basically, you want to look for ways to make sure you can add warmth and protection to the store.


All businesses need to have some sort of heating system for when it gets cold in the winter. If you have an air conditioning unit this will most likely double up as a heating unit as well. Using the heating can be expensive when the cold sets in. However, it might be advisable for you to do this sometimes. As long as you don’t overdo it, using the heating is an excellent way of warming things up and making the store more habitable.


The cold and bitter winter can be a nightmare for your business. It can drive customers away and make everyone uncomfortable. So, you need to battle against this and work on making your store more comfortable and appealing. And, by using the ideas on this post you should be able to achieve this.

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