Best Roofs for Solar Energy

Written by Chloe Harwood

In certain quarters, they’re referred to as photovoltaic solar modules. But most people know them as solar panels. Increasingly, these storehouses of sun power are gaining acceptance, as homeowners realize the overwhelming value of solar energy systems. But before an Orange County roofer begins the installation of such a system, the company must know if you’re roof is suitable. That’s right. Solar energy systems are not right for every roof. Your home’s covering must exhibit certain qualities before installation can commence. One of the main qualifiers is the roofing material. Some are right; some aren’t.

Clay tiles are one of the best types for solar energy systems. The reason is ease of installation. Because of their shape and arrangement, clay tiles permit an Orange County roofer to connect solar panels relatively quickly.

It’s important for a roofer to carefully evaluate the composition of these tiles before providing an estimate and commencing installation. Clay and concrete tiles look remarkably similar, but the method of solar panel installation will vary for each. Increasingly, concrete is utilized for tiles on newer construction, as this material is less costly than clay. A qualified roofing expert will determine the composition of existing tiles to determine the best course of action.

Metal seam roofs also make for comparatively easy installations. When dealing with this type, an Orange County roofing company simply clamps system mounts directly onto the seams. Done!

Finally, there are asphalt roofs. Not only are shingles made from this material commonly found in residential communities; they also make solar energy systems relatively easy to install. When dealing with asphalt, roofers simply use standard penetrating mounts to complete the attachment.   

No matter where you live in Orange County, a quality solar energy system can help cut energy costs. A local professional will be happy to provide more details. If, for instance, you call Costa Mesa home, consult with a Costa Mesa roofer for more insights. It could be a great first-step toward longtime savings on your energy bill.

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