Blogging For Businesses: How It Can Help You

Written by Chloe Harwood

In the world of business, it can sometimes seem as though there are hundreds of new marketing techniques being invented every day. The marketing arena is a vast one, and as any business owner will know, it certainly pays to be on top of the trends. Thanks to the Internet, marketing is instant, and it is now possible to reach millions of potential consumers at the mere click of a button. But excellent marketing isn’t always as straightforward as setting up a few ads and a couple of social media accounts for your company. The average consumer is now pretty business-smart, and therefore they will recognize a hard sell from a mile away. The issue with a hard-sell approach to business? Most of the time, it will scare the customers off. That doesn’t mean to say that your marketing strategy should be so soft that your clients barely notice it. But there are certain tricks of the trade that can draw your customers in without them even realizing it. One such example of this is blog writing for your business; a tool that more and more CEOs are getting on board with. Don’t currently have a blog for your business? Here are a few reasons why you should consider changing that.

It gives you a voice

When you first start putting your company’s website together, you will probably find that you struggle to keep it concise. It’s only natural that you should want to get all the information about your business out there for your clients to see. But more often than not, this can end up resulting in your website becoming swamped by huge blocks of text – which don’t look good, and which your potential clients are unlikely to read. Strip your site back to basics by putting only the key points on there, as this will make it much more user-friendly. Then, you can use your blog to expand upon any points or issues you feel deserved a slightly more specific platform. It also allows you the chance to inject a bit of personality into your blog, and various members of staff can contribute to push the diversity further.

It’s a failsafe SEO tactic

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past five years or so, you’ve probably heard all about search engine optimization, or SEO, as it’s usually called. It is a bit like the Holy Grail of online marketing and can be pretty difficult to master if you’re a complete novice. However, consultancy services from can help you to understand SEO in greater detail, and how to use it to your advantage. As any SEO consultant will tell you, writing a company blog is a great way to boost your SEO performance. Providing your blog is well-written and insightful, search engines will naturally love it, as it’s relevant to what people want to read. To make your blog as successful as it can be, don’t take a haphazard approach to it. Ensure that the content is focused and well-written, with impeccable grammar and the use of plenty of keywords. If you can, accompany the text of your blog with high-quality images, as this will make the whole page look much more engaging for the user.

It helps you lead, rather than follow

You may think that you are already an expert in your field and that there is nothing you don’t already know. Blogging, however, can make you realize that every industry moves at an astonishing pace and that there is always something new to learn. By writing a regular blog, you can keep one step ahead of new trends and establish yourself as a market leader. It can also help to inspire you to take your company to that next level. You could be writing a post about your latest product, or about your plans for a local trade show you are attending – and before you know it, the post has picked up traffic, and you have press wanting to speak to you. Blogs are in-house PR machines, as they are often written in a journalistic manner. This enables the press to link to your blog as quality, relevant content, in a way they usually wouldn’t do with simply an official website. Modern businesses need to be prepared to go much more in-depth with their customers, and a blog is an excellent way to break this fourth wall.

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