Bold & Brave: Standing Out At A Business Trade Show

Written by Chloe Harwood

The amount of interest you need to generate around a business in the modern age can take many forms. The internet means you can advertise your company to different markets, and you can use tools like LinkedIn to instigate contact with other clients you would like to develop a working relationship with, but one of the tried and tested methods to help generate buzz is to take your business to a trade show. Why? It is a personable approach to doing business, and to increase awareness by engaging a potential client or customer without an email template requires more skill and effort. So if you are new to trade shows and have only promoted your business through the internet, how can you go about honing your skills at an event like this?

Get Involved

The difference in communicating via the internet to communicating in person is a big one. We can easily hide behind our computer screens but not so much when we have to get out there and speak to people. It’s a skill that not many people have in spades, but you can practice. By getting up and learning as you do it, you will develop a patter and style unique to you. It can be very intimidating to speak to people that are just walking past, you have to demand attention and be engaging at the same time. There are a few tricks to get more people to walk past your stall, and that is all about where you place yourself. Having a location that is centralized and in the prime areas where there is more traffic will help you to develop your skills quickly. If you make a mistake on one person going past, you can immediately learn from it by the time the next potential client comes past. Getting a decent stall with personalized designs to show off your brand will generate attention and intrigue. Going onto a site such as will give you an idea of the types of marquees and stalls that grab the most attention. Having your display stand out (for the right reasons) will help you to get that all important interest and intrigue.


This is a blanket term for everything. Be specific in your aims i.e. what do you want out of your time at the trade show? Be specific in your implementations of the actions. Be prepared before you head into the show. Focus is what you need to swim in these shows. There are so many other businesses vying for attention, and the amount of foot traffic that goes past your stall means that you need to be able to get stuck in and go for what you want. This could be more general contacts, more awareness of the business, or the motherlode in getting the contact you’ve had your eye on for some time. Getting your team to go in with the most specific type of goal possible instead of a wishy-washy premise means you are all on the same page.

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