Break The Marketing Mold With These Unique Methods

Written by Chloe Harwood

When you hear someone say “marketing”, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what comes to mind. You probably start thinking about strict content quotas linked up with social media campaigns. Sure, SEO and other digital marketing tactics are very effective in this day and age. However, marketing certainly doesn’t stop there! To help your brand identity and make your company stand out, it’s a good idea to break the mold once in a while. There are a range of unique marketing tactics you can use to spice up your marketing campaign. Here are a few good ones you might want to consider.

First of all, digital skywriting. No, that’s not a typo. In fact, it’s one of the most unique methods for local marketing you could use. Traditional skywriting uses a single aircraft with a skilled pilot to write out a few words. Digital skywriting is a slight step up from this. Instead of just one plane, digital skywriting employs a whole team of them. Computers on all of the aircraft regulates the smoke they release, making for a cleaner, matrix-style message. These look tidier, for one. You’ll also be able to commission much longer messages compared to regular skywriting. Whether you want people to visit your website, a hashtag, or get talking about an upcoming product, this is a fantastic way to go about it. As with any kind of marketing, there’s a downside to digital skywriting. Can’t guess? It’s the price! A decent digital skywriting company like will usually charge between two and five thousand USD for a service. However, the overall figure will vary depending on the location and the message you want up there. Although a little steep, this is an incredibly unique way to get your name seen by your local target market.

Perhaps your local market isn’t that fertile, and you need something that will reach a much wider audience. If this is the case, then viral video marketing is the way to go. Seen as you have an internet connection, it’s safe to assume that you spend at least some time every day on YouTube. Whether it’s practical how-tos or just people falling into ponds, millions of people spend a huge amount of time on this website. I’m sure I don’t have to point out the huge potential here! Video content is a hugely effective way to get your company noticed, and allows for a lot of creative freedom. Here, you can show people another, more personable side to your business. The only issue here is creating a video which will go viral. Countless people are straining their brains to figure this out right now! The best advice I can offer is to get inspired by other viral content. Look both at viral videos, and subjects which are currently a big trend on the web. Find some way you can tie elements of both in with your company, and then you’ve got a hit! If you want a good example, then look at any of Dove’s “Real Beauty” videos. This was focussed on the very modern topic of body image issues, and did a great job of raising awareness of the brand.

Live entertainment is also a fantastic way for you to shake up your current marketing strategy. This is another localised technique, and is best suited to new product and service launches. However, the impact it has isn’t easy to match through any other marketing technique. If one of your customers walks past a clever or attractive billboard you’ve put up, then there’s a slim chance they’ll remember it at all within a week. However, if they see an exciting live show with your logo plastered everywhere, it will be much more resonant. Businesses are catching on, and this has seen the growth of many firms like . There are many different forms of live entertainment which you could use for marketing. From modern street dance shows to artistic circus performances, it shouldn’t take long for you to find one which suits your business. One of the more unique methods is staging a flash mob. In these, your ideal customer will be walking around some public place. All of a sudden, a mob of seemingly disconnected strangers break into an expertly choreographed song and dance routine. If you can’t call that memorable, then what else is there?! Like digital sky writing, staging live entertainment isn’t the cheapest marketing tactic out there. However, if you want something that’s certain to stick in the minds of your customers, there isn’t much that can beat it.

Finally, commission some street art. Marketing doesn’t get much more unique than this! Street art is becoming more and more common in urban areas, especially with the international fame of the UK artist Banksy. This elusive figure himself was commissioned to create a street art campaign for Ikea. The artist put up posters with his own unique street-art all over subway stations, as well as the company’s own ads. This is one of the purest examples of what people call guerrilla marketing, and certainly generated a lot of attention. While the artist’s reputation might be tarnished for this kind of “selling out”, this kind of campaign can only do good for your company. A detailed stencil makes much more of an impression than another billboard in a sequence of billboards. Alternatively, you could flip this concept on its head by hiring a firm to do some “reverse graffiti”. This is a relatively new technique, but is steadily gaining popularity. Reverse graffiti entails using stencils and a pressure washer to mark your brand’s name in an already dirty wall. You’ll not only be spreading the word about your company, but giving something back to the community you’re based in.

There you have it. Marketing doesn’t have to be the same old techniques repeated with little tweaks. Any of these unique marketing methods will fix your company firmly in the minds of your customers. If banner ads and link building isn’t doing that much for you, shake things up!

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