Bringing Your Company Communications into this Century

Written by Chloe Harwood

Is your business lagging behind when it comes to communicating? No business can thrive without the right approach to communications. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Social Media

Communicating with customers has been completely revolutionised by the rise of social media sites. No business can afford to ignore the power of websites like Twitter and Facebook nowadays. To shun social media is to limit the effectivity of your business’s communications.

These websites offer an essential way to build a strong online presence that allows you to reach out to customers. It’s best to take a more relaxed and informal approach to social media if you want to build an effective relationship with customers. This is something that will benefit the company massively in the long-term, so make sure you do it.


To increase the professionalism of your business, you need a strong phone system in place. It’s best to set your own phone line using a company like SmartNumbers. 0800 numbers are most common among businesses, so it’s best to choose one of these. There are lots of good things about 0800 numbers.

The most important thing about these numbers is that they’re completely free for people to call. This proves to customers that you’re not trying to make money out of them when they call your company. Having a 0800 number can also show that your business is serious and professional. This is a big thing; even though you might not think perceptions are important, they are for your clients and customers. Their perceptions can be the difference between large sales and modest sales.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging can be a big boost to internal office communications. This is something that a lot of business owners don’t like to do. They worry about messaging systems being used to waste time and discuss things that aren’t relevant to the work that’s supposed to be taking place in the office.

These concerns can be lessened by monitoring the use of the instant messaging system closely though. And it can create a faster, smoother and more productive workplace. People won’t have to use costly and time-consuming internal phone systems to communicate with one another in the office.

Customer Services

The key to a strong and competent customer services department is solid communication. This means you have to incorporate the communications methods that are most suitable for your customers. To achieve this, it’s best to offer as many different communication options to customers as possible.

Having a phone line dedicated to taking complaints from customers is essential for every business. This is still the most common and convenient ways for people to complain to a company. But you can combine this with using social media to register complaints. This is much swifter and easier than having to deal with each customer over the phone.

Communication is vital for any modern business. These ideas will all help bring your business’s communications into the 21st century, helping your business grow in the process.

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