Business Marketing Ideas You Should Be Dying To Try

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you are a business owner, we are sure that you already know how important the right marketing is to being successful. But it is more than just dipping your feet into the same old used water. You have to come up with some fresh takes on marketing that customers have not yet experienced. Yes, we are sure you are already using a lot of marketing techniques like SEO, responsive web design and social networking. But it’s time to start thinking outside the box with some fresh concepts that are sure to win over some new consumers.

Personalised Merchandise

This idea’s been around for a long time but it is sorely underused. Not many businesses see the potential that this marketing scheme has. They tend to save it for when their business attends a trade show or a big event to impress investors. They fail to see how it can be used to generate customer interest as well. We can start with the trade show idea. It’s a great way to show your company is already successful but let’s expand that. Let’s show that your business is stylish and willing to offer loyal customers free merchandise. For instance, if you had just opened a gym, you might get people out on the streets handing out custom wrist sweatbands with your company logo on them. But, this can work for any company. You can even sell them on your business site for a small profit. Or if you attended a local public event like a charity run, your employees could wear them to represent your company. These are just a few of the ways personalised merch can boost your business image.

Attending A Tradeshow

Since we mentioned it, we should probably talk about trade shows. This is another form of marketing that businesses are tending to ignore these days. They think that trade shows are just for bigger fish, looking to make even greater profits. Or worse, they rule themselves out of getting more funding and interest before they even try. If you want to win the lottery, you’ve got to buy a ticket. So, if you want a chance at getting funding, you have to entice investors to sign on the dotted line. If you make a big impression at a trade show with a stylishly designed stall and some big but backed up ideas, you can do this easily.

Networking You’re Not Yet Using

We are sure you’ve got profiles up on Facebook, Twitter and maybe Linkedin. But what about the new networking sites that are letting businesses make a big splash? Snapchat has been around for some time but it’s only recently been used for marketing businesses with company-owned stories. Users can view these stories and get quick, easy updates on your company. Or, how about Pinterest. Statistically, search engine ranking is related to how much information on your site is shared. If you want an SEO boost, encourage sharing by pinning pictures, generating more interest.

You can’t afford to miss out on using these promotional techniques. With them, your company can aim for brand new heights on the marketplace.

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