Does Your Business Need An App?

Written by Chloe Harwood

You may have noticed in the last few years that more and more people rely on their smartphones for internet access during the day. Most people these days would rather whip out this device than go and find their laptop because it is simply more convenient and quicker. You may have found yourself wondering whether it is worth developing an app for your business and whether it would broaden your horizons by attracting new faces. Well, if you are unsure, here are some ways to make your mind up…

Who is Your Target Audience?

Before you start looking into building an app, you must first think about who you are targeting your business at. You will need to know whether the people you are looking to sell to use smartphones regularly, whether they will download the app at all, and also which OS they use. If you have a mix of users from both you may need to develop an app for both Android and iPhone users.

Decide What You Can Afford

Like anything else in the world, creating a mobile app costs money. Depending on the complexity of your project and who you decide to hire to help you with the development- it can become a very expensive job.

Although there are ways of you developing an app using DIY tools online, you are better off going with a professional company such as Using a company means that the stress is taken off you and you have that peace of mind that everything will be done correctly and the application will work as it supposed to. Take the time to see how much money you have to spend on a project such as this in order to decide whether you can realistically afford to do it.

The Content

Once you have made the decision and committed to creating an app; you need to bear in mind the fact that you will need to regularly update the content which goes on it. For example, you will want to update information about the business, special offers and products alongside updating your website. Make sure you update on a regular basis to keep your audience interested.

Cross-Platform Formatting

Once you’ve established your mobile app and it seems popular, you may notice that a lot of potential customers also spend a lot of time on their tablets. This could be a whole new area of revenue and allow you to reach many more people, which means you will want to look at developing an app for different devices to allow cross-platform use for your existing and potential customers.

This will of course cost you some extra money and time to develop, but it could also be the perfect way to drive more sales to your business and make your products or service more widely known and available for every user. The most important thing to think of is what type of app you want to create and whether you feel that the application will be essential in creating that extra relationship with your customer base.

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