Does Your Business Need A Tech Pack?

Written by Chloe Harwood

The number one aim of every successful business is to create the absolute best quality product they can for their customers. The process of creating a product is a long one and involves many different steps: there is first coming up with an idea, then going through design stages, making a prototype, product testing and finally selling the product.

When you come to start developing a product you need to go through several different stages of design, planning and testing. It can be a difficult project to start from scratch and it can take a lot of time to perfect your design. If you are a fashion brand in particular, one of the great ways to help your product design phase is actually getting something called a tech pack. A tech pack is something which aims to help you by exposing us ok do the details required for different fashion cuts so that part of your design stage is made easier immediately. If you haven’t got a tech pack yet or you are thinking of getting one- here are some reasons to get one this year.

Personal organization

One of the biggest advantages of having a tech pack such as the FittDesign Tech Pack is that it gives you a checklist for each style you want to create. For example let’s say you want to create a sundress for your new season fashion line: a tech pack will give you all of the most basic steps for creating this design- and then you can use this to speed up the process and make it easier for you to create an awesome design. It means that you can come into your office during the design stage of your new line and it will be much easier to organise your day and figure out what you want to do.

Any time, anywhere

Because a tech pack is digital and houses everything you need for your design stage: it is ideal for you to take with you anywhere and send it to anywhere in the world. It allows for more flexible working and an easier way to produce a product.

Communication Benefits

Through the stages of product design and development, your project will be passed from the designers to the sample makers, pattern designers and all the way to your product makers. During this long line of concession you will likely end up losing some of our original ideas in translation. This happens when many people work on one project because everyone has a different method of working, different interpretations of your needs and their own ideas. However when you have a tech pack to work alongside your design you can write down everything specifically so that you can avoid any of your needs and ideas being lost in translation. It will allow everyone who works on your project to refer to the pack and see exactly what needs to be done. The overall communication from start to finish will be much better and you won’t have to spend time correcting mistakes and rethinking your strategy.

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