Business Is Not A Battlefield

Written by Chloe Harwood

No matter your business field, you’re sure to be surrounded by competitors. And, if the business advice on most sites is anything to go by, you should fight them until they’re broken. After all, you want to be top of your field. Business is like any other competition, and the winner comes out on top.

Or, do they? If you take a step back, you might see that this callous way of looking at matters could actually be way off the mark. For one, you can fight that competition as much as you like, but you’re only going to wear yourself out. There will always be a company waiting to take their place. Once you start that battle, it never stops. And, anyway, seeing business competitors as a bad thing is pretty backward. In truth, there are all sorts of reasons why competition can make your business better. To prove that point, we’re going to look at a few of them here.

Increasing the value of your industry

The healthier your industry, the healthier your profits. Though you may like to think of your enterprise as an island, your competitors help your market, too. In fact, the benefits of more businesses can be soon from a general economic level, as proven in the non-farm payroll report. If you take a little time finding out more about the impacts of a report like this, you’ll see that generally higher employment helps our economy. And, that means your business will be worth more. And, guess what; your competitors contribute to those figures. Narrowing things down, they also help bring awareness and money to your industry. And, the more of that there is, the more chance you have of seeing success. So, your life would only get harder if your competition wasn’t around.

Training people in your field

Note, too, that your competitors train staff in your field. Those employees may work against you for the time being. But, if they leave that role, they’ll likely branch out to other companies in the field. That means you stand every chance of getting the ideal team, all fully trained by the competitor you were keen to get rid of. More than that, you’ll be able to rest easy those individuals have experience with a company like yours. You’d have to kiss goodbye to that benefit if you were the only business on the block.

Their advancements fuel yours

Last but by no means least, your competitor’s achievements have the power to fuel yours. If another company opens a new form of product in your market, you can then branch into that new area, too. So, in that sense, you could say that your competitors fuel your ideas process and help you grow. While you can’t copy their designs, you can take what they make, and change it to suit your brand and thinking. Whereas, if you got rid of them, you’d have to come up with everything alone. And, that’s not half as appealing.


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