Is Your Business Ready For The Future?

Written by Chloe Harwood

If businesses don’t keep up with the times, they are going to fall behind. Falling behind means that a business will lose customers and of course, capital.

Keeping up and preparing your business for the future is going to cost you both time and money, but the consequences of sticking to the past mean that your energy is well-spent researching and preparing for the times ahead.

Being ready for the future could mean updating your systems or preparing for an incoming natural disaster. Both are pretty similar in the fact that if your head is up and facing the future, you’re going to be prepared.

So, the future. Let’s talk about the lifeblood of your business. Cold, hard, cash. Do you still collect it in an antique cash register that rings a cute bell every time you make a sale? Well, that’s all well and good but how does it cope with modern payment methods? Apps like Paypal and services like Apple Pay as well as debit cards having contactless features mean that you can take money from your customers in more ways than ever before.

Equipping your business with a wireless credit card machine ensures that not only are your preparing for the payment methods currently being deployed but that you won’t miss a sale at all. Phones use NFC technology and are an increasingly popular method of payment, so get the right gear and prepare to take cash in, in more ways than ever before.

Your computer systems are key for business in the twenty-first century, so keep them in good condition and updated. If you’re still using Windows ‘98, it’s perhaps time to consider a wholesale upgrade to more modern systems. Even if you’re using Windows XP with old applications, you should seriously look at bringing your systems to a 2016 update to prevent any issues posed by aging systems.

The cloud is also a great tool. You can store and back-up data, and files to a remote server which ensures that your work is kept safe should the worst happen. Cloud storage also enables you and your employees to work together and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Your work doesn’t have to be confined to your work-place, and the cloud allows you to be truly mobile.

You should also consider your staff and the tech they use on a daily basis. Could a smartphone or tablet help their productivity and allow them to complete tasks faster? It’s a possibility, and tech holds the answers to many of the questions posed by modern life.

Preparing your business for the times to come is something you should be considering every day of your working life. What will change and how will you adapt? You must ask these questions to yourself to avoid being caught out by the changing of the times. If you’re left behind by what the future brings, it could spell disaster for your business, and you may find it hard to get back on track. Prepare well, and you might hit the floor running.

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