Business Users: Get The Most Out Of Your Brand-New iPhone

Written by Chloe Harwood

From what I’ve seen, a lot of business owners buy iPhones for no other reason than the reputation that comes with them. Let’s be honest – many professionals don’t use the features that would actually help them to get ahead. In fact, I’ve seen far too many business owners who simply don’t even understand how to use the thing at all.

But, iPhones are much more than a fancy gadget. They possess all sorts of abilities, and you should be making use of them as a business owner. So, here are some features that are particularly important.

Utilize The Cloud

I’m sure you’re aware by now that the iPhone works in tandem with many other Apple devices. It’s a fantastic marketing strategy, encouraging you to buy all the Apple products. Crucially, it works really well. By utilizing the cloud, you can seamlessly save all your important documents and access them from another device. It’s simple; it’s secure, and it’s a big selling point for other Apple products you might want to buy.

Take Advantage Of Apps & Services

I’m sure you know all about apps, but have you taken the time to see what’s out there? iPhone apps are incredibly diverse, and there’s something for everyone when it comes to business use. The same goes for business services, like credit card processing and real-time project monitoring. The power of that device in your hand is practically unlimited. 


Sure, Skype is great, but FaceTime is arguably more user-friendly for anyone with an Apple device. It also works really well, helping to connect you and your colleagues via video in the click of a few buttons. It’s an exclusive offering for anyone with an Apple product, and it’s really easy to get started with.


You know how we mentioned about how seamless the cloud can be? Wait until you try this. One of Apple’s latest offerings is a feature called Handoff. It allows you to work on one Apple product and transfer your work seamlessly to another. That means you could be on the road writing a document on your iPad for example. Once you get back in the office, you can push it straight to your Mac, and keep working. That’s convenient!

Fingerprint Scanner

Every business owner is looking for a few qualities in their phone. Firstly, they want it to be flashy. Come on – I know you do! Secondly, they need it to be as secure as possible if they’re going to store important data on it. After all, you’re dealing with highly sensitive information. You can’t afford for someone else to get access to it. That’s what the Apple fingerprint scanner can do for you. Set this up as your source of privacy, and there’s no way anyone else can get access to your phone.

As you might expect, there are hundreds of great ways to unleash the business potential of your iPhone. Take the time to understand it properly, and you’ll unlock all sorts of possibilities. Have fun!

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