The Business Worries You Didn’t Know Everyone Else Has Too

Written by Chloe Harwood

When you’re a business owner, you can find yourself feeling rather lonely. You are at the top of the tree which, most of the time, feels like an overwhelmingly positive thing– but can also make you feel isolated from the rest of the company.

One of the ways this can impact you most severely is in regards to your self-esteem. Many business owners find themselves suffering from a version of Imposter Syndrome, whereby a successful person doesn’t entirely feel they really are successful, or that they somehow managed to luck their way to their success rather than achieving it through true talent.

If you suffer from this, it may be reassuring to know that the feeling is far from uncommon, and the intrusive thoughts it creates impact all business owners in the same way. Below are a few of the most common business worries that entrepreneurs tend to have, so you can be reassured that your concerns are completely standard, normal, and not a harbinger of something more concerning.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

All entrepreneurs experience this sinking feeling at some point, a moment when they are confronted with an aspect of their business they are not familiar with. Rather than seeing this as an isolated case, the feeling of panic can become all-consuming, making you question your decisions at every turn.

The best way of handling this issue is to take areas where your knowledge is lacking on a small, case-by-case, basis. Look to fix the knowledge gap by hiring the right people or investigating your outsourcing options, then move on to the next area, treating each knowledge gap as an individual. You do know what you’re doing; you just have a few areas where you need a little assistance.

“I can’t trust anyone else.”

This idea even has a saying to go along with it: “if you want something doing right, then do it yourself”. This might sound sensible, but it’s a destructive form of thought for a business owner to engage with.

You can’t manage the entire running of a business yourself. Though it’s natural to want to try, the above point clearly proves that there will be areas where you need assistance, and that’s okay. You’re an entrepreneur, not a digital marketing expert or an IT whiz, so it’s completely legitimate to ask for assistance from a marketing agency or source specific IT support where you need it. Trying to take on every task for yourself will just push you closer to burnout, so this is one worry you firmly need to learn to push to the back of your mind.

“I’m not good enough.”

Many business owners experience this prior to a period of expansion; their confidence suddenly falters and the Imposter Syndrome alarms begin ringing. It may help you to know that every business owner has doubted their ability at some point; yes, even the giants of commerce with turnovers that number in the billions.

This thought can even be seen as a positive; if you’re worried you’re not good enough, you won’t fall victim to the potential horrors of overconfidence. This means you can proceed with your business’ growth without making classic errors, while telling that voice in the back of your mind that you are good enough, because… well… you are. After all, you’ve managed to navigate a business to the point of expansion, so you must be doing something right!

To conclude

The worries you have about business are standard, and can even be used to your benefit. So acknowledge them, then put them behind you, focusing instead on the exciting business future before you.

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