The Careers that Can Allow You to Make a Difference

Written by Chloe Harwood

There are some careers that allow you to make a real difference to the world. Here are some of them.


There aren’t many more jobs that are more valuable than firefighting. They come to the rescue when someone is in dire need of assistance. They save lives around the world each and every day. And they can often help to stop situations getting worse and fires spreading too. More people would die and get injured every day without these people. But it requires an immense level of physical fitness to do the job correctly.

Medical Professional

Medical professionals are responsible for helping people who are in need of professional assistance. Obviously, there are many different types of medical professional. Some people are responsible for emergency response to situations. And others use diagnostics. For example, radiographers use scanning and x-ray technology to get to the bottom of a patient problem. They also need to use radiation protection glasses to stay safe.


We tend to take the buildings around us, the ones we live and work in, for granted. When was the last time you looked at a building and thought about who designed it and what they were trying to create with their design? Designing a building is an incredibly complicated and challenging task. Being an architect is all about combining style and design flair with the functionality of the building. Every building serves a slightly different purpose. And we all interact with buildings in some form or another.


Anyone who has a pet will know the role they play in your life. They usually become like an extra member of the family and life wouldn’t be the same without them. Veterinarians are the ones who are responsible for getting your pet back to health when they suffer an injury or illness. Their jobs are highly specialised, and it takes a long time to train for this career. In many ways, it’s even more difficult than being a doctor because a cat can’t tell you about its symptoms!


Teachers are the people that are responsible for moulding the minds of the future. They feed children knowledge and instill the joy of learning in them. Well, they try to anyway. It’s not always easy for teachers to get their message across to children who probably don’t really care what they have to say. But the fact that they keep trying and keep attending to the needs of every child makes them of vital importance.


You might not think that artists make much of a difference, but think about what the world would be like without art. There’d be no joy or creativity. There’d be no music or films or photography. These are all strands of art. And these are also the things that give people the most joy and pleasure in life. We all rely on art to get us through the day or through bad times in our lives. Making a living as an artist certainly isn’t easy though.

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