City Dwellers Can Have Fun While De-stressing At An Axe Throwing Party

Written by Chloe Harwood

Modern urban thrill seekers are finding a new way to blow off steam — with axe throwing! Axe throwing parties pack more of a punch than darts, pool, or bowling combined, and they’rea great way to de-stress from a busy workweek in the city. They also havethe added bonus of being hip, unconventional, and retro. Imagine, you and your friends or co-workers could organize a party and coordinate your outfits; everyone couldwear toques and flannel, drink cheap beer, and pretend they’re at a country fair around the time of the first North American settlements.

There’s quite an art to throwing an axe safely and with accuracy. That’s why you should organize an axe throwing party at a legitimate axe-throwing league. As the pastime gets more practitioners, these axe-throwing leagues are popping up everywhere. Batl Axe Throwing, for example, has four locations in the GTA, with three more in Kitchener, Ottawa, and Calgary. They have more in the works too. After an axe-throwing enthusiast started BATL, they now host weekly meetings of their axe-throwing leagues, and you can book a private axe-throwing party at any of their locations.

While axe-throwing is a pastime anyone can enjoy, there are some general rules for axe-throwing that make competitions fair, and to make sure everyone is safe while doing so.

The history of the throwing axe is long and interesting. As a competitive sport it’s often featured in lumberjack competitions. Throwing axes were a popular weapon from prehistoric times and medieval times. There were many variations of the weapon throughout the ages and across different cultures. Some of the variations include the hurlbat, the tomahawk, and the nzappazap. For that reason alone, it’s clear to see that human beings have an innate urge to build tools and weapons and then engage in lighthearted competitions to see who can use them to the best of their abilities.

So next time you are looking for a way to unwind from all the stresses of city life, consider joining an axe-throwing league, or organizing a group axe-throwing party. It’s one way to tap into the long history of the throwing axe. We guarantee you will love and will want to return to the sport many more times to hone your skills and meet the community of axe-throwers that’s growing quickly across Canada.

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