The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Sell Your Home

Written by Chloe Harwood

If your home is on the housing market, you want to sell it as quickly as possible. That way, you can make a bid on another property and move on with your life. But, no matter how hard homeowners try, sometimes houses just don’t sell. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry, you need to ask why. Why isn’t your home selling? The answer is because you are making a selection of silly mistakes that all sellers make. Here are the most common that you want to avoid.

Unrealistic Asking Price

Yes, you want as much money as possible from the sale. But, that doesn’t mean you can charge whatever you want. Unrealistic house prices are just asking buyers to look the other way as they walk down the street. They are not stupid, so don’t treat them like they are stupid. If the price of your home doesn’t reflect the average for the area, they will buy one that does. At the end of the day, how much different can your home be to your neighbors?

Not Adding Value

You need to add value to your house for a number of reasons. The first is that you can then legitimately bump up the asking price. Not only can you bump it up, but you can be confident that it will lure in buyers. People looking for a new house want one that is readymade and good to move into straight away. They don’t want to wait weeks to renovate, which is why adding value is so important. Of course, you don’t know what they want because you don’t know who they are yet. Still, you can find out about the most popular additions here.

Smoking In The House

Unfortunately, cigarettes or pipe tobacco or whatever you smoke doesn’t leave easily. If you smoke inside your home, you are playing a risky game. Non-smokers will be able to smell the residue of the smoke as soon as they walk in the door, and it will put them off making an offer. The thought is that you can’t get rid of the smell, so how will they? No one wants a home that stinks of smoke, even if you are a smoker. Think before you smoke inside the house.

Narrow Minded Negotiating

The fact is that you will have to negotiate the price of the final sale. No one is going to come in and pay the asking price right off the bat. Everyone knows that you haggle first and pay later. This won’t be an easy process because you don’t want to lose money. But, you have to be realistic and understand when you have a good deal. If the number correlates with the number in your head, make the deal. If it doesn’t, tell them that it isn’t enough. Just make sure you consider every offer before you reject them.

And, please don’t go it alone. They may charge you for the privilege, but a realtor is essential. They have the skill and the contacts to make the sale, whereas you don’t have either.

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